Sydney Breast Cancer Lunch: Our photographers and models donate their time to the cause

  • Wed 26th Oct 2016

Words by // Taryn Williams

CEO //

Breast cancer is something that’s touched my family, and I’ll do anything I can do aid research, support for sufferers, and awareness. This Friday sponsored Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation Ladies Lunch, providing models for the catwalk show, dressed by Leona Edmiston. And our incredible Scott Henderson donated his time as videographer & photographer. We can all do something to give back, share our skills, resources to help. It takes all of us to find a cure. #giveback leona-2 leona-3 leona-4 leona-5 leona-6 leona-7 leona-8 leona-9 leona-10 leona-11 leona-12 leona-13 leona-14 leona-15 leona-16 leona-17 leona-18 leona-19 leona-20 leona-21 leona-22 leona-23 leona-24 leona-25 leona-26 leona-27 leona-28 leona-29 leona-30 leona-31 leona-32 leona-33 leona-34 leona-35 leona-36 leona-37 leona-38 leona-39 leona-40 leona-41 leona-42 leona-43 leona-44 leona-45 leona-46 leona-47 leona-48 leona-49 leona-50 leona-51 leona-52 leona-53 leona-54 leona-55 leona-56 leona-57 leona-58 leona-59 leona-60 leona-61 leona-62 leona-63 leona-64 leona-65 leona-66

Work with our amazing team…

Models // Natalie B + Bonnee Fahlstrom + Bronte K + Kali H + Kimberley M + Lavina W + Suzi B

Photography & videography // Scott Henderson




  • Wed 26th Oct 2016