The Athleisure Edit: Tamara Meyer Fitness

  • Fri 14th Oct 2016

Model, Influencer and Fitness Guru Tamara Meyer combines her Athleisure fitness tastes with Stylerunner + Lulu Lemon Athletica with’s creative team for an authentic work out, TM style.

Tamara connected with to bring her “TM Fitness” to life with the ultimate in creative (and fit) collaborations. Tamara is a health and lifestyle coach, fitness model and aspiring WBFF winner. What’s better, she’s just like the rest of us – she has good days and bad days, and her ultimate responsibility as a coach and role model is to “tell it like it is”, to help you get to know the real ‘you’, so you can better achieve your goals. Visit her website to read more about her journey and story.

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Here’s a little sneak peak of the campaign:

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Work with our team of creatives:

Photography // Amath Magnan

Videography // Scott Henderson

Hair + Makeup Artists // Vanessa Hopkinson + Krystle Hill

Model + Influencer // Tamara Meyer (PT)

Model + Influencer // Kate Johnson // Jacqui Buchanan

Cassandra Wright // Jaishere Vella // Kaitlyn Davidson


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  • Fri 14th Oct 2016