The NEW platform that changes the way brands connect with talent

  • Thu 4th Aug 2016


The fashion and modelling industry gets a makeover with a NEW platform that changes the way brands connect with talent.

A new website called is disrupting tradition by directly connecting brands with models and creative talent. For the fashion and modelling industry this means booking and hiring models without using an agency as a middleman. It also means access to photographers, stylists, makeup artists and more, so an entire campaign can be put together in one seamless, online transaction.

Founder and CEO, Taryn Williams (pictured above), says the idea for the website came from working in her other business, WINK Models, where she realised that the traditional way of booking talent through an agency is no longer the most practical or efficient method for all clients. is the way of the future for the fashion and advertising industry when finding and booking models, especially when they need a certain look at short notice. It puts the control back into the users’ hands. Brands and fashion houses are able to select their talent, set budgets, and have transparency in the payment process.

On the talent side: With the rise of social media influencers the industry is constantly growing and there are plenty of models and creative talent who don’t have representation. offers them a solution. They can create an online portfolio, on a reputable platform, with access to jobs they wouldn’t normally get.

Since the launch

Since launch, the platform has attracted over 3,000 talent and 1,000 brands. Models include; Dominique Le Toullec, Maddy King, Lauren Vickers, Lana Jeavons Fellows, bloggers Keira Rumble, Lisa Clark, former Mrs Australia & Cruelty-Free Lip Gloss brand Kate Johnson and fashion and lifestyle blogger Simon Hancock, as well as some of Australia’s top hair & makeup artists and photographers. Brands using the platform to source talent include; General Pants, Zanerobe, M-ONE 11, Showpo, Lonsdale, Campari, Heineken, Belvedere, Sunseeker, Boost Juice and Surfstitch.

Having recently secured $750,000 in seed funding from Airtree Ventures, Williams is confident that this is something the industry is ready for. “We have experienced great traction early on and I am confident that we will continue to attract more users, all looking to simplify the way they work to achieve the best possible outcome in their work flow,” Williams said.

Airtree Ventures have partnered with many of Australia’s leading marketplace businesses and have the expertise to help us grow rapidly. Working with them will allow us to ensure we are developing the best possible team for our Australian and New York offices, as well as maximising other opportunities.


Craig Blair, co-founder of Airtree Ventures
“We’re excited to be partnering with Taryn Williams, who we regard as one of the best founders in the startup community. She has deep experience in the industry which still operates in a very traditional way when it comes to finding models and creative talent – there is huge scope for disruption and growth.”

Craig King, CEO General Pants
“Rarely do you come across functionality that provides a greater offer, quicker, easier and at better value. The Right.Fit manages to do this which makes it very attractive to us. Today business is about speed, we can now quickly source from a huge talent offer, to budget and all from the one site.”

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  • Thu 4th Aug 2016