Up close with Photographer Melinda Cartmer

  • Wed 27th Jan 2016

Head photographer Melinda Cartmer at online commerce store OzSale has recently signed to theright.fit and we are just a wee bit excited.


Cartmer began her career in 2009 when she got her first job in a photography studio. Her love of fashion and models developed naturally while expanding her skills being in a creative space learning about lighting and studios.

She’s shot with some of Australia’s most recognisable names and has even launched her own modelling workshop, Sydney Model Development. Working with models daily allows her to see new faces which lets her creative juices flow. You can frequently see her shooting in a variety of locations to get different looks for both the model and also the product she’s usually shooting. But Cartmer does love shooting in the studio as well being a controlled environment.


We asked her a little about her career and advice for others…


Camera’s that I like to work with..

I shoot on my 5dMK III


Other artists that inspire you..

Georges Antoni is an Aussie photographer that is continually inspiring me. His images are brilliant and his work very much appeals to my style. He is also great at talking to people and is a very humble man.


Words to live by…

Never doubt yourself


Best piece of advice you’ve been given in your career…

Probably to be fearless. As a photographer, you are very much in your own mind a lot of the time. Although we shoot in big teams of people, we also spend a lot of time alone retouching and processing images. This leaves a lot of time for self-doubt. I’ve learnt through my (short) career so far that the only barriers I face are usually ones that don’t exist! They are barriers that are built from fear of the unknown or fear of rejection. This is an every-day battle that I still have, but I just keep pushing on.


Advice to up and coming photographers on how to get started…

Keep Shooting! There is no better way to learn and develop your skills than to make your own mistakes and shoot as much as you can. Keep inspired- keep a mood board or have a Pinterest board dedicated to things that inspire you. This will help to keep your creative juices flowing. Also, don’t be scared of asking creatives to collaborate with you. Share your ideas and work with other creatives to develop these ideas and push them further.


Check out her out on theright.fit.



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  • Wed 27th Jan 2016