Win/Win Agreement

  • Fri 13th Jan 2017

When we created we designed it to be the very best place to find top tier talent. We’re seeing so much creativity coming through… and loving it.

We’re all for the collab and fully support people getting ahead in their careers. And that’s no different for TFPs and unpaid work. We want to make it work for everyone.

So we thought we’d put a few rules together so models and photographers both get a fair deal. We’ve called it the ‘Win/Win Agreement’. Three simple things that make unpaid work worthwhile for everyone.

1) Communication: All messages responded to promptly
2) Quantity: Talent to receive a minimum of 10 retouched images from a TFP shoot
3) Timing: Finished images provided to the talent within 14 days of shoot

It’s based on a little decency and respect for each other and everyone honouring their commitments. Only then can it work and continue to work.

We love having you here at, look forward to seeing more great things from you.

  • Fri 13th Jan 2017