Words from Keira Rumble + the Road to Healthy Living

  • Wed 3rd Feb 2016

With over 83K in social media followers on Instagram, Keira Rumble is certainly paving the way for a fit & healthy body image. Doing shoots for Asics global campaign and then working hard on her co-founded business ‘Krumballs’ as well, the model knows first hand how doing it all can be challenging but in the end totally rewarding

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We checked out her instagram account and the girl has got it good…travelling the world in her bikini, visiting some of Sydney’s best cafes and working out on a regular basis. These types are accounts are hard to pick out amongst the thousands of social media profiles that don’t promote a realistic lifestyle. Keira eats well, works hard and therefore lives well. But she shares the love, supplying her followers with healthy recipes and information on her website, so you can discover health in achievable ways. She stresses that being yourself and having fun is the best way to achieve happiness.

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She’s about to strap in for a jam-packed 2016 so we asked her a little about herself…and also to send us some of those super tasty krumballs 😉

Right now I’m listening to…

Wade – Deep House London Remix

My wardrobe consists of…

Bikinis, denim, activewear

Words to live by…

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

What’s your favourite thing about the modelling industry…

The amazing creative teams that you come across, I have made not only so many great contacts but also friends.

How do you keep your body in such amazing shape…

My naughty little sausage dogs keep me motivated to get up in the morning! My biggest thing is to keep to a routine, even with a busy schedule. I always try and fit in some time for myself, to focus, workout and build a happy mind.



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  • Wed 3rd Feb 2016