How Our Payment System Works


Talent Booked

Once you click the yellow book button, the Talent is confirmed.


Card Authorised

72 Hours before the job takes place, your credit card is authorised.


Job Takes Place

Here's the fun bit! Get creative and make some magic.


Card Charged

48 hours after the job, you're charged for the full amount.


Before The Job.

Talent is confirmed

Once you click the big yellow 'book button' whilst communicating with the Talent, they'll automatically be confirmed for the job.

We authorise your card

72 Hours before the job commences, we pre-authorise your credit card for the full amount to make sure you’ve got the correct amount of funds.

After The Job.

You approve the timesheets

The Talent provides you with a timesheet to approve. If overtime is recorded and approved, we’ll adjust the final amount payable and adjust the invoice.

We charge your card

48 hours after the start date of your job, we process your credit card on file for the full amount, and the Talents get paid. Happy days!


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