THERIGHT.FIT from successful model to successful businesswoman. Felicity Robertson talks with Taryn Williams

  • Wed 29th Mar 2017



A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan next week. This is the motto that 31-year old Taryn Williams has applied over the past decade, with considerable success. With one business under her belt – WINK Models — and a burgeoning digital start-up, TheRight.Fit, in full swing, and Williams’ gross revenue is in the millions; an impressive feat for someone barely out of her twenties!

With $30,000 in her bank account from her savings as a model and producer, coupled with years of personal sacrifice, Taryn’s story both supports the entrepreneurial spirit of Gen Y and also defies it with her preparedness to prioritise focus, passion and an unwavering dedication towards the end goal.

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  • Wed 29th Mar 2017