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Aaron Actor Photo

Aaron S

  • Actor, Influencer, Model
  • Queensland

About Aaron S

  • Hi! My name is Aaron, I'm an American born Australia based (currently), influencer, actor, model, blogger and YouTuber. I specialize in social media marketing and fitness.

    I love people, learning, performing, traveling, networking, building, creating, acting, drawing, photography, cinematography, editing, graphic designing, speaking, writing music, dj'ing you name it chances are I've dabbled in it or would love to some day.

    When it comes to learning something new I believe there's nothing you cannot do as long as you're willing to be a student to that new endeavor. Learn from the best and always give back. It's what makes the world go around. I love to be hands on helping others and working with people.

    There are enough takers in this world. Anything I do I'm either all or nothing which means any field I work in or job I work on I'm passionate about.

    My life's mission is to leave a little something behind for others to be inspired by. So whether I'm working on the random jobs and simple tasks or I'm working with top influencers and brands in digital marketing you can always expect me to strive to bring the best out of myself as well as others. -Aaron


Social Reach


  • Blue
  • Blonde
  • Short
  • White/Caucasian
  • Fair
  • Clean shaven


  • 6'0" - 182cm
  • 95kg
  • Athletic
  • 50" - 126cm
  • 31" - 78cm
  • 11
  • XL
  • 32
Aaron Actor Apr 2017 Photo 271592
Apr 2017
Aaron Actor Apr 2017 Photo 271593
Apr 2017
Aaron Actor Apr 2017 Photo 270127
Apr 2017
Aaron Actor Apr 2017 Photo 271594
Apr 2017


  • Events and Promotions, Feature Films, Music videos, Online content, Promotional videos, TV commercials, TV Series
  • American, Australian


  • Fashion, Fit Modeling, Fitness/sports, Lifestyle, TV commercials


  • Paid posting