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Abby Model Photo

Abby W

  • Model
  • New South Wales

About Abby W

  • Where to start - I am not your typical model, but hey whats a life if you don't have some interesting crazy story?
    I am 19 years old, truck driver in the mines, ex- motocross racer, but the most glam girl you will meet.
    I have always wanted to model to help spread a positive message to all females over the world, that is doesn't matter your height, your weight, your hair colour, your body shape - you are beautiful.
    Growing up, going through school being 6ft since I was 12 made me a target for schoolyard bulling, it all made for a hard time finding shoes and "in" clothes to fit, leaving me feel like even more of an outcast & If I can, I want to help everyone out there feel confident and comfortable with who they are through modelling.
    I am very motivated, professional, fun, bubbly spirit - in my short 19 years I have lived all over NSW, held a charity ball to raise funds for the Children Hospital Foundation, study at uni and now driving the big trucks in the mines. I have always wanted a carer in modelling but never had the courage, now I feel ready and excited to take a leap of faith and try my hand in modelling, aiming to help normalise all bodies.


Social Reach


  • Hazel
  • White
  • Shoulder length (medium)
  • White/Caucasian
  • Fair


  • 6'0" - 182cm
  • 82kg
  • Average
  • 37" - 93cm
  • 30" - 77cm
  • 41" - 103cm
  • 12DD
  • 14
  • 11
  • M
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Apr 2017
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Apr 2017
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Apr 2017
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Apr 2017
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Apr 2017


  • Beauty, Bodypaint, Catalogue, Catwalk, Editorial, Fashion, Fit Modeling, Fitness/sports, Lifestyle, Online content


  • - How to model for beginners course - The Photo Studio - 1 Full day working 1 on 1 with a professional photographer to build my confidence and technique behind the camera