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Amy T

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About Amy T

  • My name is Amy Theodore and I'm a blogger/freelance writer based in Newcastle, NSW and I run the lifestyle blog 'The Noise in Wonderland'.

    I don't think anybody just has one job title to their name anymore. These days we're all dipping our toes into different pools and streams, seeing which one feels most comfortable to us, and picking the few that give us joy. I am no different.

    My name is Amy Theodore and I go by a few different titles; writer, blogger, editor, photographer in progress, Instagram addict, music fanatic, the list could go on. Certainly my main strengths lie in the written word and preparing the visuals to go along with it.

    My love for words has been with me for as long as I can remember, and stepping into my University degree (Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)/Law (Honours)) only ignited that spark further. I'm currently expanding my knowledge by taking on a Masters of Communication (Journalism). Taking my first steps into the world of music journalism with contributions to the likes of ToneDeaf and The Brag, my writing experience has since branched into a myriad of areas including beauty, lifestyle, community, political, sport and more, as I worked for the likes of Urban Walkabout, Newcastle Weekly, Hijacked, Yak Magazine and many more.

    I've naturally progressed into the online world of blogging and social media, creating my own little corner of the Internet that I call The Noise in Wonderland and consistently growing my following over on Instagram.


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