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Christina T

  • Influencer
  • New South Wales

About Christina T

  • Having lived in Sydney all her life, Christina always knew what was happening around Sydney. After having a diverse career in communications and marketing, construction project management, training and policy writing, Christina now documents what’s on in Sydney through her camera lens and blog writing.


Social Reach

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Jul 2016
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Jul 2016
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Jul 2016
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Jul 2016


  • English


  • Branded post, Product review, Sponsored post


  • Paid posting, Promotions & Events


  • The blog is essentially a what's on blog in Sydney and a blog about the social scene in Sydney. I am seeking invitations to events or paid posts.


  • For the last two years I have attended many events (sometimes up to six a week) photographing and writing about my experience. I have four university degrees ranging from arts, communications, commerce and marketing, and business administration. I have had an extensive career working in construction project management, adult education, marketing and communications, and public policy.