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Billie P

  • Actor, Dancer, MC/Presenter, Model
  • Australian Capital Territory

About Billie P

  • Billie Paea
    Ethnicity: Niuean / Canadian
    Place of birth : Auckland, New Zealand
    Place I reside : Canberra, Australia
    Height : 168cm
    Weight : 75kgs


    I am a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer that lives and breathes the gym and the aesthetics way of life.
    Look good, and feel good.I believe that we all have a purpose in life and we have the ability to impact people with everything we do.
    My life has been a very interesting journey, started out playing many sports and excelled in rugby and athletics in my early years holding various 100m track and long jump records in New Zealand .
    Due to a serious injury in my neck , where 3 bones were fused together I had to change focus of my dream to play for the NZ all blacks and also was an injury prone sprinter.My spine gave me grief in having scoliosis and pushing my body out of alignment.I have had to adapt to my condition.
    In having a good foundation in semi - pro sport with athletics in my early years, I represented Niue Island a small Polynesian island called " the Rock" in three commonwealth games as a sprinter.
    I had built a great foundation for building muscle and in my earlier years had put on some good gains.During this time I had a break from sport to recovery from my injuries and had switched my focus into my day profession which as a hip hop dancer and choreographer, where I work daily with many artists and students.
    This gave me time to excelled at dance in which you can see my dance crew DZIAH win the silver medal in 2006 at the world hiphop champs in Las Vegas the biggest comp in the world and pioneered the hiphop dance industry in New Zealand.I utilised dance to recover from my injuries and along the way help develop the next generation of dancers from my experience.I focused on dance in which it gave me a sense of balance and flexibility and core strength , dance also gave me time away to build my all round strength.
    My strengths has always been able to adapt to my surroundings and learn a skill that is required to make things happen.
    Now I compete as a natural bodybuilder in Australia and have won many national titles In the last 5years.With the success I have had in bodybuilding and fitness industry I have had many opportunities to work with some amazing photographers in which I work as a fitness model and have been in a few magazines for my story about my transition from Sprinter/ dancer to bodybuilder.
    I use my story as a way to connect with people all around the world speaking at various events as a motivational speaker.I inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams where anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

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  • Brown
  • Black
  • Short
  • Pacific Islander
  • Olive
  • Clean shaven


  • 5'6" - 168cm
  • 74kg
  • Athletic
  • 31" - 80cm
  • 28" - 70cm
  • 8
  • M
  • 30
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  • Events and Promotions, Feature Films, Music videos, Short Films, TV commercials, TV Series
  • English
  • Maori
  • Excel performing arts


  • Catalogue, Editorial, Fit Modeling, Fitness/sports, Lifestyle, Promotions & Events, Test / Time for Prints (TFP), TV commercials


  • Breakdancing, Contemporary, Hip Hop


  • Live events, TV shows, Voiceover