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Ethan E

  • Blogger, Photographer, Videographer
  • New South Wales

About Ethan E

  • We live on the edge of what we know, and what we don’t.

    Being aware of this, I think that is how I can best explain my sometimes unreasonable craving for adventure.

    I have had the privilege to travel to many corners of the earth, which has ever intensified my desire to experience new places, having the unexpected intertwined with my person, and crafting adventures that I couldn’t have conceived myself.

    From leaping off of bridges in New Zealand, to surfing in Hawaii, launching ATV’s outside Dubai, scaling waterfalls in Australia, snowboarding in Canada, dirt biking in Uganda, swimming across lakes in Idaho, or climbing rooftops in Amsterdam, my life has seen no shortage of excitement, and I’ve never once ran out of stories.

    With me on many of my travels was my camera, a sort of third person to the scenes that have become my memories.

    With regards to photography, I’ve always made an aim to preserve a mood, the feelings that pulsed through as I beheld what the lens encapsulated. The eerie quiet as fog rolls off the ocean at dusk, sending chills down my spine. The blistering heat of the desert, and the anxiety incited by tour guides that abandon their trusting passengers there. The uneasy suspense of the abandoned asylum, as the ceiling of the underground cell block begins to sink lower and lower. My goal then is to craft stories, to pull the looker into the frame, to lend perspective, and to inspire curiosity. To immerse the viewer or hearer in the telling.

    But one can’t always be travelling, and when I’m home, currently Sydney, Australia, I devour new learning. Absorbing new skills, facts, abilities, concepts, connections. I make it a point to learn at least two new things a day.

    Often, those new things are about myself.

    By learning these new things, it allows future stories to breathe fresh life. To add richness to the journey.

    Perhaps the greatest journey I’ve undertaken is that of marriage, to my beautiful Chloe, my partner and muse. Together we balance each other, my intensity and her steadiness truly an ever-perfected tension.

    While this only gives you little insight into who I am and where I’ve been, I hope you catch a little of my passion for genuine tales, no matter how tall or small, and the mandate to present them beautifully. Should you feel, after having seen the work presented here on this website, and perhaps having read this short introduction, that your story could benefit from passing through my hands, I would count it an honour and privilege.

    So, with that said, let’s tell the world your story together.



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  • Advertising, Beauty, Event, Fashion/Editorial, Landscape, Street style, Travel, Wedding


  • Advertising, Event, Fashion/Editorial, Landscape, Stock videography, Street style, Travel, Wedding


  • Skilled copywriter, graphic and web designer, and visual artist (painting, drawing etc.)