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Haley H

  • Blogger, Makeup artist
  • Queensland

About Haley H

  • Why Hire Me?

    In an industry filled with amazingly talented creatives, why would you hire me above anyone else?

    It’s a great question and I know you are busy so I’ll get straight to the point.

    I get it.

    I simply understand what you need to get the job done.

    As creatives we all have an important role to play in getting the end client the results they’re looking for.

    My aim is to help make your job easier.

    Let me explain...

    A lot of Makeup Artist believe their job is to show up, make the model look amazing, then leave. And I suppose to a certain degree, that may be what most people expect. However I’m not most people.

    I am a big believer in teamwork. So although I do what’s required as a makeup artist, I also focus my attention on ensuring everything else runs smoothly.

    For example, Photographers not only work like crazy off on the photoshoot, but then they have hours more work to do behind the scenes, editing. I aim to reduce the amount of time they spend editing by making sure all the little things are taken care of ‘in the moment’.

    How do I do this? Well, I like to work with the photographer from their standpoint, so I can see what they see. Is the styling working? Has the hair moved out of place? Are there any fly-aways? Is someone about to walk into the shot which could be the winning image of the campaign?

    I aim to ensure none of these easily avoidable problems happen. The photographer shouldn’t have to spend additional time fixing things in photoshop after the shoot.

    I am reliable - punctual - easy going - and damn good at what I do.

    That’s why brands like these have trusted me:
    Quicksilver; Red Bull; Flight Centre; Cleo Magazine; Mars (yep the chocolate company).
    Also, I run my own Makeup Artistry School (The Institute Of Makeup) and have students and graduates from all around the Country….What this means for you is, I can offer bang for buck. When I come on set I can, more often than not, bring a team of assistants with me.

    I can fly to any location and again, can usually find an assistant in the local area to help out (at no additional expense to you.)

    Now if you are thinking ‘Well maybe she’s too busy teaching to take on clients’....never fear, all my students learn via pre-recorded videos and out of hours mentoring video calls with me, which leaves me available 7 days a week to help my clients.

    Ready to give me a shot? Then I’d love to hear from you.


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May 2016
Haley Blogger May 2016 Photo 97190
May 2016
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May 2016
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May 2016

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