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Jip Actress Photo

Jip Panosot

  • Actor, Model
  • New South Wales

About Jip Panosot

  • I love life in entertainment-be it as actor, model, extra or in music-and am eager to explore and expand my potential! I value variety in the roles I play and celebrate unique characters, evidenced by the eclectic range of opportunities that make up my portfolio and pursuits. I lived in the US from age 6 so can speak in natural US accent. Action acting is a passion I especially enjoy–a marriage of my love for martial arts and entertainment arts, which led me to train in fight scene/film stunts. I love to learn and always seek new skills, and over my life these have included an array of activities from music and dance to horse riding and fire twirling. Strongly motivated, I'm a fast learner and not afraid to try new things or face challenges in the pursuit of my dreams. I strive to be diversely dynamic, and view my journey as an actor to be an exciting adventure, which I enthusiastically await to experience and experiment in the endless possibilities ahead!



  • Black
  • Black
  • Long (Below shoulders)
  • Chinese
  • Olive


  • 5'3" - 159cm
  • 46kg
  • Athletic
  • 32" - 82cm
  • 25" - 64cm
  • 33" - 85cm
  • 10B
  • 6
  • 6.5
  • XS
Jip Actress Feb 2016 Photo 85469
Feb 2016
Jip Actress Feb 2016 Photo 85461
Feb 2016
Jip Actress Jan 2017 Photo 209793
Jan 2017
Jip Actress Feb 2016 Photo 85473
Feb 2016
Jip Actress Feb 2016 Photo 85472
Feb 2016


  • Feature Films, Music videos, Short Films, TV commercials, TV Series
  • English, Thai
  • American, Australian, Chinese, Japanese, USA California, USA New York
  • The Audition Technique


  • Beauty, Catalogue, Editorial, Fashion, Fit Modeling, Fitness/sports, Lifestyle, Test / Time for Prints (TFP), TV commercials


  • The Nest 3D (feature film) by Kimble Rendall - Emperor's Concubine
  • The Dark Monsters (feature film) by Matthew Dixon - Lilith (lead role)
  • Agent 88 (short film) by Jeremy Rhys Hill - Aiko (principal role)
  • Nightwatcher (feature film) by Adam Harley - Hana (lead role)
  • Hello Au Revoir (feature film) by Jason Croot - Jypsy (main cast)
  • Royal Hospital for Women (multimedia commercial) - main cast
  • Screenwave International Film Festival (cinema commercial) - hero role
  • Time Benders (short film) by Paul Cavallo - Amy (main cast)
  • Domestic Violence Awareness (DVD series) by Films4Change - main cast
  • Tough Love (feature film) by George Parker - Senior Constable Corrine (supporting role)
  • The Cottonwood Fence (feature film) by Kylee Hartman-Warren - Watcher Val (supporting role)
  • Parade of the Dead (feature film) by Richard Coburn - featured extra