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Jo MC/Presenter Photo

Jo U

  • MC/Presenter
  • New South Wales

About Jo U

  • Founder and CEO of Handle My Complaint and Two Hoots Technologies, Jo has worked with Australia’s leading brands to deliver business improvements through people and technology.

    An accomplished presenter and panelist, Jo has built a reputation as an industry expert and consumer commentator and has been cited in and interviewed for over 300 media stories. Her expertise have been sought by The Sydney Morning Herald, The Checkout, A Current Affair, Channel 9 News and 2UE.

    Jo has regular segments on Channel 7’s The Morning Show and Queensland’s ABC Radio where she discuss current issues and provide advice and practical tips to callers.

    Jo advocates on behalf of consumers and brings thought- leadership to a variety of industry panels including the energy sector.

    Jo was featured on the Standards Australia homepage as one of Australia’s most promising young experts.

    Jo brings a fresh approach to events and encourages everyone to look through a different lens. Jo believes we all have one big idea within us. She shares her startup journey with valuable insights into validation, stakeholder management, product development and implementation to inspire and motivate participants to innovate and improve within their organisations.

    She has many innovative ideas to help make your event a success, whether it is making sure your event flows smoothly, leading a discussion panel or facilitating a team- building exercise with great energy and creativity.


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