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Kris A

  • Blogger, Influencer, MC/Presenter
  • New South Wales
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About Kris A

  • Kris has been a health & Wellness advocate since she was 15! She has studied Science, Exercise Physiology, PE and nutrition, and spends her time writing, speaking, and consulting on all things health, wellness and Spa.

    Her career in the health and fitness industry spans 30+ years, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience, including facilitating health & wellness workshops in both Australia and over seas. She has authored several books, with her latest book, The Low HI Diet (New Holland) being sold globally.

    She publishes Spa & Wellness International magazine and (formerly Spa Life magazine) inspiring readers to achieve an abundance of vitality and wellness in their everyday lives. Spa is a true passion of Kris’s and she has been an advocate for the industry sitting on varies Spa boards (both Australasia and International) for the past 8 years. For more of Kris’s work, to join her blog, or to try one of her programs visit


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  • I am have the ability to provide features in Spa & Wellness International Magazine and online newsletter which goes to 194,000 subscribers. Spa & Wellness International magazine is distributed in Aus, NZ, Bali, Singapore and in the waiting lounges of Spa's around Australia and QANTAS First class lounges in Australia.


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Influencer, Contra posting

Kris was great to work with, awesome communications and also a great eye for creating beautiful pictures - Thanks Kris

  • Sat 4th Feb 2017 - 10:25 AM