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Chris Photographer Photo

Chris Abbott

  • Photographer, Videographer
  • New South Wales

About Chris Abbott

  • Chris is a true master at Multi Channel Content Creation, Video Production, Social Strategy, Content Marketing and Distribution. He has had over 16 years in creating online video content.

    In 2000 he blended his 12 years of broadcast television SBS Fox Sports (ECV, Pro Image, Broadcom) and his outstanding online digital skills and delved into producing short form web video episodes for the Finance sector.

    In 2005 for a period of 5 consecutive snow seasons Chris filmed and edited over 500 branded multi lingual video content segments (English, Japanese, Mandarin & Korean) to be delivered across multi-screens (Web, Social, Mobile, Cable & Digital Signage) for Powder TV & Hanazono TV in Niseko Japan.

    Chris established new distribution channels, created a multi-screen content strategy across Web, Social, Mobile, Cable (USA) & Digital Signage.

    He has worked across a range of Vertical Markets creating successful branded content campaigns for the Travel, Lifestyle and Extreme Sports in Australia, Japan, Jamaica, Thailand, Bali and Vanuatu.

    Just in the last 7 months alone Chris has just produced over 200 x 2 camera video segments for SMETV.TODAY

    Chris Shoots with a Professional Panasonic DVX200 in 4k


Chris Photographer Dec 2016 Photo 192911
Dec 2016
Chris Photographer Sep 2016 Photo 145318
Sep 2016
Chris Photographer Sep 2016 Photo 145806
Sep 2016
Chris Photographer Sep 2016 Photo 145807
Sep 2016
Chris Photographer Sep 2016 Photo 145315
Sep 2016


  • Travel


  • Action/Sports, Advertising, Beauty, Event, Food videography, Stock videography, Street style, Travel


  • Producing 4K Video, Content Marketing, Multi-channel Marketing, Syndicated Distribution and Video Seeding, Social Media and Social Video Campaigns, Online Advertising, Video SEO.