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Liam M

  • Photographer
  • New South Wales

About Liam M

  • The shorter version... I am a Sydney based lifestyle photographer, loving the beach trends, vibes and chasing a dream to shoot commercial one day for lifestyle labels.

    I have been a Sydney based photographer for 6 years now. My passion for photography was ignited at the age of 11 when I began assisting my uncle capturing landscape forms of photography. I have concentrated on developing this skillset following my first introduction and realizing my abilities. After capturing numerous landscapes with my uncle over many school holiday vacations, I began to view photography as a passion with benefits, something I could consider as a life long career.

    Since those early days I set up my own business whilst at school and progressed into the event photography scene, covering anything from parties, weddings, functions, formals, birthdays etc. In addition to these one off projects I work at the Oatley Hotel on Friday evenings capturing the nightlife scene for social media.

    In conjunction with my event photography commitments, I have endeavored to further develop my skills through assisting highly renowned fashion/news photographer Wendell Teodoro. Together we have worked at events such as:

    · The Australian Fashion Film Show

    · The Australian Ballet

    · Raffles Graduate Fashion Show

    · Fashion Weekend Sydney

    · Napoleon’s Cosmetic Private Halloween Event

    · The Sound of Music

    · Bridal Fashion Shoots

    · Australian Open of Surfing

    · Angus & Julia Stone

    · Various Clothing/Swimwear Labels

    Having gained an enormous variety of experience with Wendell, I aim to continue practicing and improving on my skills whilst further developing my career in lifestyle/fashion/event photography.

    Recently, I have endeavored to take part in commercial lifestyle fashion photography, as I believe this is a current trend through most social media outlets that’s growing and making a great opportunity for advertisement. I’ve been encapsulated by the various styles of photography out on the market and always wanted to make a mark of my own. That being said, I intend to utilize my skill set to capture simplistic and beautiful images that could help the success of any business or model. I have a vivid and wild imagination and would love to work in collaboration with to achieve some high quality images ready to be used within many portfolios.


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Apr 2016
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Apr 2016
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Apr 2016
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Apr 2016
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Apr 2016


  • Advertising, Beauty, Event, Fashion/Editorial, Street style, Travel


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