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Liz MC/Presenter Photo

Liz V

  • MC/Presenter, Model
  • Victoria

About Liz V

  • Liz Volpe- Director of Zest Possibilities, Co-Founder of The League of Extraordinary Women, Founder of Project Gen Z

    Liz Volpe is one of Australia’s leading female social entrepreneurs. From moving to Australia as a backpacker in 2001, Liz has gone on to launch Zest Possibilities which houses a group of million dollar companies on an international stage. Combining her business acumen with social ventures, Liz and her team have raised $138 Million for Australian & International charities, and acquired thousands of customers for blue-chip companies.

    Within a year of opening the doors in Melbourne in 2006, Liz had expanded to Sydney and by 2010 was an international operation with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Wellington. Today Zest Possibilities is a market leader in outsourced promotions, sales and marketing campaigns. Liz is an energetic and enthusiastic public speaker. Her story and focus on Leadership has led to invitations to speak to a range of audiences including G20 Young Entrepreneurs summit, Microsoft, RMIT and The Unconvention.
    In 2012 Liz Co-Founded the League of Extraordinary Women which is now Australia’s Fastest & Largest growing movement of Female Entrepreneur’s. Holding events all across the country the League inspires and motivates women to follow their passion and dreams. The League launched Australia’s first all-female Entrepreneur conference in 2013 named ‘Run the World’ which now stands as the largest of its kind. The League of Extraordinary Women has also been named as No 3 in the ‘Top 10 Organisations Encouraging Female professionals in Australia’ by Business Review Australia.
    In early 2014 Liz was named as Number 13 on the Top 50 Australian Female Entrepreneurs under 40 list and with her strong passion to mentor and coach and now runs workshops to show business owners how to grow.
    Liz and her team at Zest Possibilities launched a huge initiative called ‘Project GenZ’ in 2015 with an incredible group of Aussie Entrepreneuers. The project is aimed at inspiring disadvantaged orphans and children to dream! By running a series of workshops Liz and the team hope to educate, inspire and motivate these children to follow their dreams and maybe even move into Entreprenurship.



  • Blue
  • Dark Blonde
  • Long (Below shoulders)
  • White/Caucasian
  • Tan


  • 5'2" - 157cm
  • 50kg
  • Petite
  • 36" - 91cm
  • 34" - 86cm
  • 34" - 86cm
  • 8D
  • 6
  • 6.5
  • XS
Liz MC/Presenter Feb 2016 Photo 84179
Feb 2016
Liz MC/Presenter Feb 2016 Photo 84178
Feb 2016
Liz MC/Presenter Feb 2016 Photo 84177
Feb 2016
Liz MC/Presenter Feb 2016 Photo 84162
Feb 2016


  • Editorial, Promotions & Events, TV commercials


  • Ballroom


  • Live events, Radio, TV shows