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Megan Rizzo

  • Photographer
  • Queensland

About Megan Rizzo

  • Megan Rizzo is the Gold Coast’s Commercial and Portrait specialist. Megan has won many awards State and Nation wide and also recently in New York as well as being a finalist in the Exclusive MORAN portrait Prize in 2015.. Her creative passion for all things 'Old Hollywood’ along with her keen eye and artistic ability allows her to capture the complex and classic styles of the Golden era.  Assisting you with posing and styling to ensure you look and feel your sizzling best!
    At face value, the images are truly beautiful works of art, but they are so much more.  The story behind the smile, the lighting, the background, the props or the eyes poses more questions than answers, taking people on an intimate journey.
    Megan intuitively reads her subjects, teasing out their stories, bringing her own personality and experiences, both good and bad, to capture a moment in time in its rawest form.
    Building a level of trust between the photographer and subject is crucial and Megan's warmth, patience, empathy, humour and creativity creates a safe haven for her subject to feel at ease.  Her repeat customers can testify to this.
    Megan’s photographic works of art are sure to bring some vibrant conversation to the room.

    Megan has worked commercially on Food shoots for IGA, fashion shoots for magazine her in Australia and most recently in New York.


Megan Photographer Nov 2016 Photo 172753
Nov 2016
Megan Photographer Nov 2016 Photo 172752
Nov 2016
Megan Photographer Nov 2016 Photo 172751
Nov 2016
Megan Photographer Nov 2016 Photo 172750
Nov 2016
Megan Photographer Nov 2016 Photo 172749
Nov 2016


  • Advertising, Beauty, Fashion/Editorial, Food photography, Stock Photography


  • Megan is a National and International Award winning portrait photographer. She works out of her studio at the Gold Coast an d onsite for commercial adverts.