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Rhys Actor Photo

Rhys T

  • Actor, Model
  • New South Wales
  • Pro

About Rhys T

  • I'm a Sydney man born and bred but I've been lucky enough to live in some amazing places all around the world - Tokyo, Manila, San Francisco and London. I currently live in Bondi and love every minute of it here.

    From an early age I knew I loved acting. At pre-school I starred in the teacher's Christmas production as Santa Claus! All through primary and high school I was always involved in any drama production I could get my hands on, and continued my acting education after school by enrolling in any and all courses I could get my hands on at NIDA. While at high school I was also lucky enough to be part of an amazing rowing crew that competed at the Australian National Championships.

    I studied at the University of Sydney and in between playing rugby for them, I managed to squeeze out a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and a Bachelor of Arts (Political Economy, Economics). My first full-time job out of University was working for IBM in their graduate programme, where I started as an Auditor and ended up working on the hardware team where I got my first real taste for sales. After two years, I was hired by Google to be a part of their Business Acquisition Team and ended up being the first person to be hired in Australia to do this job. After almost four absolutely incredible and fantastic years at Google where I was able to travel all around the world, I was asked by a San Francisco startup called "Stripe" to head up their sales team in Asia Pacific, where I spent an amazing 6 months being part of the most intelligent and wonderful team.

    I still couldn't shake the unnerving feeling I had every day, that I wasn't going after my real dream of being an actor - and if I didn't make the call soon then I would forever be kicking myself that I didn't at least give it a red hot go. So, I had to make a really hard decision between going after my dream, or being an integral part and early employee in what is now a multi-billion dollar company and potentially setting myself up for the rest of my life. Many nights sleep were lost on this.

    I chose my dream, and I couldn't be happier. I now get to work with the most amazingly creative people and it's an absolute joy to watch the skill and energy that is put in by other actors, writers, producers, photographers, directors, sound engineers and everyone else that makes a shoot happen.

    When I'm not acting/modelling/dancing/singing or whatever else is thrown at me on any given day, I'm running my own wristwatch company called JDRT. We designed everything ourselves, get the parts of the watch made in different countries around the world including Australia, China, Japan and Spain, and then assemble everything right here in Bondi. It's a busy job, making sure our retail partners are always stocked, or keeping up with the latest fashion trends, but it's incredibly fulfilling.

    I've skipped over plenty of stuff about my life, like the time I ended up in a gaol cell in Antwerp in a case of mistaken identity, or the time I found myself in Croatia on board a yacht with one of the Sheiks of Dubai. I can tell you all about it on the next shoot :)


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  • Brown
  • Brunette
  • Short
  • Other
  • Tan
  • Stubble


  • 6'0" - 183cm
  • 83kg
  • Athletic
  • 42" - 106cm
  • 32" - 81cm
  • 10
  • L
  • 32
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Mar 2017
Rhys Actor May 2016 Photo 101106
May 2016
Rhys Actor May 2016 Photo 101105
May 2016
Rhys Actor May 2016 Photo 101104
May 2016


  • Feature Films, Short Films, TV commercials, TV Series
  • English, Spanish
  • American, Australian
  • NIDA, Greg Apps Course


  • Catalogue, Editorial, Fashion, Fit Modeling, Fitness/sports, Lifestyle, Online content, Swimwear/Lingerie, TV commercials

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It was great working with Rhys. He was really professional, considered and enthusiastic in his approach to the shoot. We got some excellent shots with him on the day.

  • Mon 12th Dec 2016 - 08:52 PM