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Scarlett Zola Vespa

  • Influencer
  • New South Wales

About Scarlett Zola Vespa


    Scarlett helps identify a woman’s authentic brand by using her lifetime experience in personal development and authority in business and personal branding. She is a keynote speaker and media commentator on HOW TO LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE, FUTURE OF WOMEN IN BUSINESS and all things SOCIAL MEDIA & PERSONAL BRANDING.

    Scarlett Zola Vespa, has worked in film, TV and advertising for over 30 years as a producer, director and brand expert. She was Head of Broadcast for Commonwealth Bank then established her own advertising production and creative agency working across iconic brands such as Westfield, Westpac, Amex, David Jones, Sanitarium, Toyota, Bonds, AMP, News Corp and many more.

    After observing how women over 40 are branded unjustly in the workplace and the media, Scarlett became an advocate for women to find their voice.

    In 2015, Scarlett searched online, through magazines and books for any content platform she could find, for something that spoke to her directly as a woman over 40. To her shock, there wasn't anything that resonated. The ads and stories speaking to those over 40, featured a man or woman that looked 80, wearing a grey cardigan and retired, retired from life?

    In that moment she said to herself "I'm still sexy, smart & over 40.” That has since become her war cry and the war cry for all women over 40. In fact, she states that we only get better with age. We find self-acceptance, gain wisdom, understand style, and the beauty of grace. So was born The Style of Mrs V, a global lifestyle and media platform for women over 40. The site also houses over 60 Influencers such as Jane Caro, Nancy Pilcher, Teresa Cutter and Bernard Salt just to name a few.

    Through the online platform, events, workshops and guest speaking, Scarlett helps women over 40 reboot their life at work, and in play and love. She advocates that every woman can have the confidence to not only take a leadership role at work if she chooses, but to also stand up for her own needs in any role in her life.

    “When you discover a woman’s passion and true essence, you give her a voice and a positive future.”


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