3 Tips To #Win The Blogging Game

  • Thu 8th Dec 2016

Louise Edmonds, creator of MenStylePower shares why YOU need to explore networking, practise, and niche markets to stay relevant. This is a must-read for anyone in the blogging game.


Blogger & influencer // Louise Edmonds


I have always believed that people leave people, not businesses, so prepare to build powerful relationships with all walks of life from a genuine and honest space. Having worked in the retail intelligence sphere for well over 18 years, I saw that regarding an item, we can always take it back to be fixed or replaced, but when it came to bad customer service or  feeling offended, well, this eroded trust and lost clients and customers. So to me the most important factor for being a blogger/grammer/influencer is honest and genuine relationships and how you get there is really understanding your ‘purpose’, because only then can you speak out from a place of conviction and trust.  

Practise makes perfect:

Before you become an expert in your chosen field, you must do 10,000 hours of that very thing. This is the status quo internationally, and many will look to see if you have  ‘paid your dues’ before they invest. So make sure you amplify your articles, videos and work, and log in the hours and amplification you’ve generated. 

After over eight years with MenStylePower, I knew longevity only came with writing for other digital platforms, so I took the initiative to reach out to my first five, and then word got around that I was a female writing on the men’s market, and I started to receive work without trying. Which leads me to the final tip!

Playing in Niche markets:

I’ve never been one to play by the rules. In my ballet classes as a tot, I wore black ballet shoes and when it was time for my high school valedictory, I wore a white tuxedo. Totally against the norm! And this remains today. I’m a women writing passionately about menswear and the men’s style market, and know that I am one of a handful that do this. 

In retail they say ‘Innovate or Die’, and I honestly believe this to be true as well in the bloggersphere. Unless you’re charging left field on a mighty stallion, you end up sinking into the comfy and non-active realm of same/same. This many not be a direction for everyone, the one that is off the beaten track, but I can guarantee you that it is thoroughly rewarding. 

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  • Thu 8th Dec 2016