The business of influencer marketing with Tresna from Tipple Australia

  • Mon 12th Dec 2016

When it comes to influencer marketing, there is lots of speculation about how effective it is because it is a relatively new form of advertising. To understand the value of influencer marketing, we speak to Tresna, of Tipple Australia.


Influencer // Sasha Z


Why do you use influencer marketing?

I use influencer marketing because it’s an excellent way to talk to particular groups of people outside of our established network. My approach to influencer marketing is two-pronged. I don’t just work with digital influencers, but “old school” face to face influencers. The people who are the centre of their social network, who are the movers and shakers and the knowers of what’s hot right now.  They might not be on instagram, but they’re influential in their own way. I think it’s easy to think that influence is all about how many digital followers you have, but long before social media, people relied on word of mouth and the head of a social group to determine where to spend their time and money. Brands that forget about old school face to face influence really are missing an opportunity to build their community.

How do you use influencer marketing to generate results?

I use to find new an interesting digital influencers with varied networks and I also surprise and delight those “old school” influencers with unexpected deliveries of a favourite tipple. The outcome is the same with my brand being shared with like minded people, but one has the digital proof!  Just because it’s not grammed, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Building a community of people that love your brand and can help others to fall in love with your brand is the ultimate goal, and it’s necessary to take a mixed approach to influencers to get there.  

What advice can you give to someone who is considering influencer marketing?

It’s important to find out what works best for you and your brand. Experimentation is key but I personally focus on:

  • Building a community of brand lovers and trying to make real connections.
  • Tapping in to a mix of high reach influencers (20K and over) with high-engagement aow reach influencers (20K and under). Don’t underestimate the power of those with smaller followers.
  • Approaching a mix of digital and “old school” influencers.
  • Ensuring that I feel comfortable with the decisions I make. If I feel icky about it, or the fit isn’t right, then I don’t go ahead.

What have you learned about Influencers?

At Tipple, Australia’s first and favourite on demand alcohol delivery service, I’ve been fortunate to be given a different perspective on working with influencers. Not only are these vibrant and well connected people willing to share my brand, but they’re willing to give me feedback about our product and service. It’s a little like mystery shopping as I can take that feedback and give it to our logistics or tech team, and that insight is really valuable.

What was your experience with the platform?

The was super easy to use! I was able to browse through a vast range of influencers, and target them with my jobs. Plus, I could have conversations with them to make sure they were the right fit for my campaign. I’ve been really impressed with some of the influencers to date.

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  • Mon 12th Dec 2016