The DO's and DONT's when applying for jobs

  • Wed 1st Feb 2017

When applying for jobs through the platform we want to make sure you put your best self forward when conversing with clients. It is always SO exciting when a client sends you an application request so we want to make sure you give them the perfect information so that they book your wonderful self! Check out our Do’s and Dont’s for this process below!


  1. Give a brief overview of why you’d love the job and any relevant experience you have with similar roles
  2. State that you’re available for the advertised dates
  3. Reply to the clients messages as soon as possible
  4. Confirm your availability/booking request as soon as possible


  1. Attach any details about your socials, this is why we get you to connect your socials/website on your profile. Clients will view your photos and then view all your socials from the profile itself
  2. Send any personal information until you have been booked by the client
  3. Go to a job unless you have accepted a booking request that the client has sent. You will click a button that will say ‘confirm booking’
  4. DO NOT negotiate the rate. If the rate is not right for you, simply decline the availability request, or do not apply for the job.
  5.  Try to reach out to the client outside of the platform via social media or other mediums. Remember, they came to for a reason and want to manage their applicants that way, please respect that 🙂
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  • Wed 1st Feb 2017