FASHION FRIDAY: Tips from model and blogger CHARIS U

  • Fri 10th Feb 2017

Coco Chanel stated that Every Woman Needs At Least One Little Black Dress, however this rules applies to over three quarters of my wardrobe and I constantly find myself reaching for something black to wear over colour. I love the summer months and hate being cold above all else, but when it comes to fashion (and I know this applies to many of my friends) I find it really hard to dress myself and much prefer Winter fashion. I feel this is solely because the colour black is so much more acceptable when it’s cold and most people seem to drift towards bright colours and whites when it’s warmer. I’ve complied a list of my go-to styles, patterns and colours when I know I need to wear something other than black which I hope will help all those people who struggle like me.



Statement Pieces
I recently re-discovered TopShop, I feel like there was a period of time where I couldn’t find anything I liked, but they do some great statement metallic pieces at the moment. Metallic fashion is great for people who only wear the colour black as it is very easy to style this trend with pieces you already have in your wardrobe. For example, a few weeks ago I bought a pair of gold culotte pants that are loose and comfy for the warm wear but can be styled with a black bodysuit or crop so i’m not too far out of my comfort zone.

Materials and Textures
I am a big fan of texture when it comes to fabrics as often I am drawn to pieces that are comfortable as well as fashionable and I feel the materials and textures you choose are a big part of this. At the moment I am loving Velvet, and even though people do associate it with a Winter fabric, I feel there are so many ways it can be worn in the warmer months, especially now more velvet styles are coming in colours other than classic black. My sister also recently bought a velvet bikini, and though I was sceptical at first, she was able to swim and sunbathe in it with no issues of over heating or smelling like a ‘wet dog’. Invest in a good statement piece that you can pair with a casual top in summer and layer in winter.screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-5-02-45-pm

I feel wearing pieces with a pattern is a great way to make the transition from black to colour in the summer months as often people can feel overwhelmed by block colours. Just recently i’ve seen that the pattern paisley is making a bit of a comeback and I have a few pieces that I even sometimes wear in winter as well as they are so easy to style and dress up or dress down. Choose a pattern that you feel comfortable with, obviously if you’re not a fan of floral normally but want to give it a try, start with a subtle floral pattern and work out what you feel comfortable and confident in. For example, I personally don’t like a lot of floral pieces, however, I have an obsession with co-ord sets and found the perfect set in General Pants. There is a floral print but it is very subtle against a navy background so I don’t feel too ‘girly’ when i’m wearing it.

Block Colours
I’ve had many fashion ‘accidents’ in my life, trying to follow trends and failing miserably with a wardrobe full of dresses and jumpsuits that I will probably never wear again. One of these fails was when I decided to jump on the bright orange band wagon. When you’re a person that is very comfortable wearing black you need to consider the block colour choices you make as too extreme can often lead to feeling very out of your comfort zone. After my orange disaster faze I now lean towards a lot of grey pieces, especially when it comes to casual outfits, for example a grey singlet or tee with a pair of denim shorts. When it comes down to outfits for going out, this season I’ve been wearing a lot of burnt orange or terracotta as it makes your skin look more tanned but is still quite subtle and not too bright. I find the transition from black to colour during summer is a hard one and i’m constantly learning to move out of my comfort zone. I find that Instagram is a great place for style inspiration and have listed a few accounts below that I follow religiously. Remember fashion may be all about stepping outside of your comfort but you definitely need to feel confident and comfortable for it to be able to work successfully.

Words by Charis U

  • Fri 10th Feb 2017