FASHION TRENDS that we're loving for 2017

  • Sat 28th Jan 2017

Every year brings with it new trends, some that we love and some that, well… we hate. We thought here at we would write a blog on all things fashion that we LOVE. We are fortunate enough to have awesome team members all over the world- Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok, New York.. the list goes on! So I thought it would be a great opportunity to ask them what they were loving for 2017!


The thing to keep in mind with trends is that while they are ever changing they are also ever repeating… Along with the saying “Fashions fade, style is eternal” it’s always important to realise that you just because one thing might not be on trend this season, doesn’t mean you don’t wear it. Pastels have made a huge comeback though, and almost anyone can find one kind of pastel colour that will suit them. I myself am about as pale as snow so I go for more rosie/pink pastels.


Balmain Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear

Depolzzo Spring 17 Ready-To-Wear

Or Khaki… I like to think of the difference between khaki and military green is the structure in the garments themselves. A structured blazer with embellishments? Military green. A t-shirt whose colour resembles a deep, musky green? Khaki. I’ll say it again though, there are literally no rules in fashion, so call it whatever you want. MILITARY GREEN/KHAKI IS IN. Pantone released their colour pallete of 2017 and it’s no surprise that their ‘earthy tones’ have made their way into the fashion world.
Altuzrra Spring 2017 Ready-to-wear

A Touch of Metallic

While some fashion houses have gone all out and created head to toe metallic outfits, a more toned down approach for those who choose to blind people with their highlight not their outfit is to add metallic accessories! My best suggestion would be a metallic bag, maybe even metallic shoes? Whatever you can get your metal loving hands on!
Whiting & Davis Jagger Metal Mesh Bag

Banker Stripes

My absolute FAVOURITE trend of the season (apart from black and white) is the banker stripe shirts. I’m completely obsessed. You can wear this in an overtly feminine style (see the photo of the off the shoulder shirt) or as more of a masculine style (See long sleeved version). Both are equally flattering and horizontal stripes flatter the body and make it appear longer/slimmer. It’s also the perfect top to transition between casual and workwear. I pair my shirt with a pair of black high waisted jeans because everyone knows I can’t leave the house if my outfit doesn’t have black in it.


Fulchic Fashion Online

Rounded Shoulders

This is a tricky one, but it’s been seen all over the runways and it’s definitely a style I want to try out! It’s a take on ‘puffy’ shoulders, but a little more toned down. This can be a daunting trend especially when this style has the potential to make the top half of your body look wider than it is. A bomber jacket could be a substitute to this trend, or if you want to go all out with this one, sinch in your waist with a belt in order to create a great silhouette.
Isabel Marant

Another trend that popped up was FLORALS or GARDEN INSPIRED but all I could think of was a quote from The Devil Wears Prada so I will finish this blog post off with that!

  • Sat 28th Jan 2017