Getting what you pay for: Why Quality Talent Comes With a Price Tag

  • Tue 8th Nov 2016

You only get out what you put in. It’s a mantra we’ve heard since childhood and remains super relevant in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re organising your first shoot or you’ve been dealing with talent for years, we’ve all been guilty of wanting a little more for a little less. But when it comes to talent it’s never been truer that you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for creative help for your next project, here’s why money spent is money

Photographer // Amath M

  1. Financially

The financial investments you make getting your brands and messages across are vital to the success of your business. It is a common misconception thinking value comes from combining quality talent at the lowest price. In reality, it’s not the money that matters, it’s how you use it that determines its true value. In the competitive entertainment industry, there’s no shortage of options at your disposal. But by offering a rate that attracts industry leaders you’re making a financial investment in quality. This means an initial upfront cost benefits you financially in the long run. How? The benefit is twofold. Firstly, offering competitive rates brings in the best talent who get a feel for your brand and get you to the finish line effectively and efficiently, which means less time on set and less cost incurred at the end of the day. As the adage goes – time is money. So, when you do something right the first time you can forget about extra costs on re-shoots or edits. Secondly, as your talent produces the final product faster you’re ready to see a return on your investment through immediate customer engagement. It’s a simple formula, attracting the best talent means money saved then money made.

Photography // Heidi H

2. Professionally

Did you know first impressions are made within 7 seconds? Just seven seconds to ensure your brand is represented the way you want. It’s the hours, days and weeks before that moment that the hard work occurs. It goes without saying then that there is no substitute for professional quality. By offering competitive rates that encourage the highest quality talent you ensure your brand is represented the way it deserves. This begins with the talent you’ve brought on and ends with the final product. People pay a premium to have a product that sets the benchmark for quality. The same goes for talent. Think of each talent relationship as a brick being laid. Attracting the highest level of professionals ensures the house you build around your brand is strong, durable and long-lasting. Building a network of professional and highly skilled talent who you trust, click with and can work with again and again, safe in the knowledge they will treat your brand like their own, is an invaluable addition that makes the initial outlay infinitely worth it. It’s about quality over quantity.


Photographer // Bill C

3. Creatively

Creativity is a spark. The goal for your brand is to watch it light up the world. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can start that creative fire by leveraging a low-cost project into a high return. Because when it comes to the goals of your business there is a distinct plateau to be reached in trying to unearth hidden gems alone. To push past this sticking point for your brand requires a collectively creative approach that comes from investing in those who have been there and done that. Offering more to attract quality across all talent genres maximises your on-site skill sets. A high functioning team brings a level of creativity and knowledge that money can’t buy. It’s a powerful message meeting an irresistible array of ideas on both ends. Experience breeds success. When there’s a coming together of ideas between client and talent the calibre of work exceeds expectations.



Photographer // Amy H

Like any relationship, the dynamic between client and talent should be a two-way street. It’s not simply about dollars and cents because that doesn’t make sense. By investing in quality, you remove pressure on your end to own the entire process and alleviate it by allowing your talent to shine in whatever situation you’re in. By bringing on board experience and creativity you’ll get a finished product that’s set up to help you financially going forward. It’s not about getting money from you, but getting money back to you via quality campaigns that drive engagement. Remember, coming together is a beginning, keeping together is
progress and working together is success!

  • Tue 8th Nov 2016