Giving Yourself a Better Chance: Castings Tips with Maddy King

  • Tue 9th Aug 2016

Maddy King is fast becoming one of Australia’s sweethearts. Better known for her campaigns & Ambassador roles with KX Pilates, Brazil Fit, Speedo, Zoggs, Supre, Noni-B, Rockmans, Sandler, Best & Less and The Lingerie Boutique, with lifestyle features in OK, That’s Life and Women’s Fitness Magazines; Maddy King sits down with team for a heart-to-heart about improving your chances for winning THAT role.

Aspiring models read on!! Over to you Maddy…


Castings are like job interviews, except you have to do them regularly. You are up against hundreds of other models, all wanting the same jobs. So it’s not always easy. To improve my chances, I always go the extra mile to try and win the role. Here are my top five tips for nailing that casting:

  1. Be super friendly.

Casting teams usually see lots of models. They are tired, bored and have seen it all. You only get 5 minutes with them (if that), so it pays – pun intended – to make a great impression!!

On arrival make sure to say hello and introduce yourself. It’s courteous to shake everyone’s hand of those who are casting you (suitably in reach), smile, be polite and listen to everything they say. Never talk negatively while waiting or on set; you never know who might be listening.

Upon leaving, always thank everyone. I have seen so many models arrive who looked like they really didn’t want to be there, talked badly and were very rude. Who really wants to work with someone like that?


  1. Always dress appropriately.

Dress in a way that is suitable for the casting. For example, if you are going for a ‘mother’ type role, dress as a typical mother would in a commercial. If you arrive in sky high high heels and a mini crop top you are already disadvantaging yourself.

If the brand’s colour is red, wear something red. If it’s for a flight attendant role, dress like one. If casting for a lingerie campaign, ensure you have maintained your body (ie. neatly trimmed, plucked or waxed the necessary areas, and are wearing a nude g-string to try on their product at the casting. Put in the effort and you will stand out.

This is very important as the client may not even be at the casting and selecting from hundreds of photos means whoever presents the best, and best fits the brief at that time, are usually the ones who win the job (it doesn’t come down to who you know or how many followers you have, despite what you think). All they see are the casting photos at the end of the day, so it’s always a good idea to dress like they can already see you fitting perfectly in their role!



  1. Don’t be late.

This one is self explanatory. There are always exceptions for running behind time (the creative industry is renowned for it), though stereotypical excuses like ‘stuck in traffic’ and ‘I slept through my alarm’ rarely wash with clients you’ve never worked with before. We’re all human, and sometimes the odd incident will happen where we’re not always running on time, and that’s ok. Just own it – if you’re running late and they are waiting, always apologise.


  1. Hair and makeup.

Normally natural is best, enough makeup to enhance your features, but don’t overdo it. Sometimes you can add a little more, such as for a virgin airline casting, where they wear red lipstick. Otherwise usually avoid any bright lipstick.

If you aren’t very good at doing your own hair and makeup then a mini course can definitely help for castings and any jobs where you are asked to come pre done. YouTube is also a great self-help tool when you research some of the top beauty vloggers. In case you missed some great posts here at, check out the following for some inspiration:

If it’s for a huge paying job and you think you have a good chance, I would advise getting your makeup done professionally to stand out in the crowd and look amazing!


  1. Do the research.

 When you are going to a casting for a job, know the brand you are going for. Google them! Research their previous advertisements, there style and information. You can be super prepared, dress right and look above the rest. If they ask you any brand questions you can tell them how much you love and know about the brand.



Maddy King regularly posts about her work, keeping fit and her fun-loving life adventures with partner Kris Smith via her official social media channels. To view more of her work or to book Maddy for your next campaign, check out her profile here.


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  • Tue 9th Aug 2016