How to: Ace a Casting with Creative Director Rosie McKay

  • Tue 26th Jul 2016


A Creative Director’s tips to acing a casting.
By Rosie McKay, Creative Director & Founder of See.Need.Want.


Ever wondered exactly what’s going through the mind of a creative director? How I determine who’s got the x-factor? What makes me move your comp card to the top of the pile and put a hold on you exactly five seconds after you’ve left my office? Here’s a glimpse into the checklist that I’m ticking off in my mind.


Turing up to casting in an outfit that hides your body is a big no, no. I need to see your figure as it helps me to determine if the proposed shoot theme and clothing styles will work on your shape.

A simple denim and fitted tee combo or a body skimming dress are both great options. Of course winter dictates the need to wear bulkier clothing, so just make sure if you’re going to wear that cool oversized knit, that there is a singlet top underneath, because you know I am going to ask you to remove it.


Do not turn up to a casting with last night’s mascara smeared under your eyes. I think that presentation on the day of the casting is a telling sign of what you can expect the day of shoot. A fresh face or a barely-there makeup look is best – think a tinted moisturizer, a little mascara and slick of gloss.  Wearing light make-up allows me to see your features as natural as possible and determine what direction will be best for hair and make-up.


I love to chat, so don’t be afraid to tell me a bit about yourself and your interests and hobbies outside of modelling. Your energy on the day of the casting gives me a good indication of how you might be on the job, and the enthusiasm you will bring to the day. If you just came to the casting because you were told to, and not because you really wanted to, I will probably know as much by the time I finish taking your digi shots.


Just like I need to show my styling work to a prospective client, I need to see examples of your modelling work. Showing me your portfolio allows me to observe how you can transform depending on the shoot direction and also determine your diversity. Sometimes it really is the difference between you winning or missing out on the job.

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  • Tue 26th Jul 2016