JOB POSTINGS: All you need to know to secure the right talent!

  • Sat 8th Apr 2017

Tips on attracting the right talent to your job

With hundreds of creatives on the platform it’s so easy to connect with individuals who can turn the sparks of your ideas into raging fires that sweep around the world. All you have to do is post a job that outlines your vision then wait for applicants to get in touch – it’s really that simple. In order to attract the right applicants though, rather than the most applicants, here are a few tips to keep in mind.




  • Job Title

The best job titles are those that catch the attention of the type of talent you’re after quickly and give a little insight into the type of job you’re planning. For example, ‘Female Model required for bohemian beach shoot in Sydney’. This title immediately lets applicants know what is required and will ensure you are contacted by those who suit your job posting, not just those looking for work in general. In short, the goal for your job title should be to get a talent to click on it so they read more about the opportunity and get in touch.

  • Job Photos

Ever heard the expression “A picture paints a thousand words”? Well on the it’s worth even more than that! Adding images of your brand, previous shoots or inspiration pieces will help your applicants get a feel for your vision and ensure those who reach out are doing so because they want to work towards your goal, rather than just work in general. Ultimately, your attachments are the first impression of your brand and will help you stand out and get noticed to make sure the’s premium talent want to work with you over everyone else.

  • Job Details

We do build a team of the best and brightest at the, but they’re not mind readers. Adding a depth of information to your job details will define your expectations for potential applicants and ensure you get the type of creative you want and need. The more specific you are with job details the higher quality and more relevant the applicants will be. In short, don’t make applicants guess if they are right for you, instead spell it out. For example, if you only want tall male models with tattoos or influencers with over 30,000 followers then make it clear.



What should a good job posting include?

You’ll be able to add a range of details to your job posting before it goes live, but none more important the brief. Your title should make them curious about your brand while your brief makes them envious of anyone who gets to work on it. It should draw in the best talent by telling them a little about your message or product as well as outlining every necessary detail the applicants should know. Consider adding information about the following to your brief before you post your job;

  • The age bracket you are searching for
  • The ethnicity of your desired talent
  • The height, weight and build of your desired talent
  • Any physical traits you’re looking for, e.g. hair colour, eye colour, tattoos etc.
  • Any information regarding your brand. Let applicants know where you came from and what goal you have in mind for the job.
  • Any information regarding the type of shoot. This may include details on what to expect, from timing to location as well as the speed of completion expected.
  • If you are offering a TFP shoot explain why it will benefit applicants. Include information about the range of exposure or ability to network to ensure talent is motivated to work with you.



What can I do if my job is urgent?

We understand the nature of the entertainment industry is last minute and that sometimes you’ll need a lot done in a little time. The has two ways to help you get what you need quickly – using our strengths and using yours.

Feel free to contact us at any time leading up to the shoot to request help. Not only do we have a support team ready and willing to work towards your end goal but we’ve also got the industry’s best talent at our disposal. So, if you’re strapped for time or just can’t quite find the right individuals reach out to us at [email protected], whether it’s boosting your listing or suggesting talent, we’re here to help.

Using your own social media and networking tools is another great way to get results fast. Once your job has been successfully posted on the we recommend you share it to your social media channels and/or send the brief in a broadcast email to your networks. The more the merrier!

  • Sat 8th Apr 2017