Keeping the Catwalk and Canvass Free From Loss and Legal Liability

  • Sun 12th Mar 2017

Words by Geoff Stooke 

The idea that Insurance could be uttered in the same breath as the creative world of art, fashion and modelling would be enough to cause outright consternation and raise more than one neatly plucked eyebrow. However, when there is a confluence of high public foot-traffic, physical interaction, proprietary brands, design and valuable clothing assets on display the chance for loss or legal liability is in a heightened state of exposure and presents a genuine risk to all parties involved.


Insurance can serve the creative industry in a myriad of ways not only as a safety-net but also as a spring-board to allow individuals to push boundaries and innovate with control over any perceived downside or negative implications. Insurance is the silent supporter often overlooked, but critical in its role to allow that fashion show to proceed or that brand to engage the public in a unique way. For instance, it would be rare to have clothing, jewellery or other valuable assets exposed to damage, theft or loss without an Insurance solution sitting behind them.

Furthermore, the talent that interacts with the public for, or on behalf of a brand with each commercial project is in a public forum where any actual or alleged errors, omissions, injury or damage to persons, reputation or their physical property could face demands for compensation and legal liability (with hefty legal bills to ensue).

Public & Products Liability Insurance (subject to policy terms) gives the beneficiaries Insured by the policy cover for all legal defence costs and any amounts paid as compensation. The ability for talent to be defended and have their legal bills paid when faced with a negative situation is but one of the obvious benefits from the Insurance (especially given how expensive even the most junior lawyer can be on an hourly basis).


Pleasingly, subject to policy terms and conditions when talent is booked via TheRight.Fit’s platform there is a Public & Products Liability Insurance policy with CGU (Australia’s largest General Insurer) that will cover all independent contractor talent when on-hired for any actual or alleged error, omission, injury or property damage matters pursued against them from third parties. This includes a duty to defend and cover for all legal defence costs.

This is a fantastic benefit and more reason for talent to pursue work only when featured on the TheRight.Fit’s platform. A copy of the Insurance Policy can be provided to talent on request.



Geoff Stooke is Managing Director of Modern Risk Solutions

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  • Sun 12th Mar 2017