Marketing Manager: What influencer is right for you? Influencer: Is this the right job for me?

  • Sat 18th Mar 2017

Words by Benjamin Baker 


As a brand, how do I pick the right talent?

Over the last couple of years, influencer marketing is fast become a staple in many companies marketing efforts towards attract new long term customers, but how do you pick the right talent.

Many companies make the mistake of assuming lots of followers means big reach and big return, frankly this just isn’t the whole picture. Though follower count is an important metric when considering talent , there’s many other factors. Let’s talk numerical: A large follower count is going to give you, as a brand, a “potential reach” but the actual reach is likely to be much smaller based on the time posted and where geographically that users followers are based. Also how active are those followers, are they legit? (it happens – use platforms to screen this).

The key metric really is how engaged is that audience? How many people are commenting and liking that users posts. Though impressions from reach is great for brand awareness, actively engaging that user is much more beneficial for your brand. An influencer with 10,000 followers may engage 20% of their audience on average, whereas an influencer with 20,000 followers only engages 5% of their audience. Though your potential reaches are vastly different, the actual engagements rates suggest the first influencer is engaging their audience more effectively than the second (2,000 vs 1,000).

Probably the most important thing to consider when looking for influencers is how do they align with your brand. Are they a good fit? Do they appeal to your target market? Do they produce the type of content you want? Will that user’s audience find your product or service foreign? Overall is the synergy needs to match. As a brand you’re looking for a return on investment, whether that’s for the rate you paid or the contra you supplied. Research potential influencer’s feeds and get a feel for the content they post, see what their followers say, hey, strike up a conversation with them and get a feel for their personality. It all plays a valuable part in picking the right person.

With all that being said, this isn’t a black and white answer, every campaign has different objectives. offers a variety of talent and solutions to suit and can advise where needed, the clues in the name, it’s about finding the right fit for all parties.

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Is this the right job for me?

I work on both sides on the fence, both as a marketing manager and an influencer and I’m well aware not every job is right now me, and I’m not talking about the “new mum contra deal” jobs, that’s a given.

So you’ve spent a considerable amount of time building an audience and content that they like, you post at similar times every day to maximise your reach and engagement, you have a brand aesthetic (yes you’re a brand) and you have a key focus, you’ve become an influencer (YAS) this is where it gets serious.

Brands will be reaching out to you in an attempt to reach new customers, to broaden their horizons, and while that’s all well and good, taking any old job or contra deal will do more damage than good to your brand.

As before, there needs to be a good alignment between your brand and the clients, influencer marketing is a two way street and needs to benefit all parties involved. That said, applying for jobs that don’t fit your brand will weaken it, your followers won’t resonate with the content, and ultimately the client doesn’t get what they came for.

Stick to what you do, stay true to your identity as an influencer, that’s why your audience is there. They came, they followed and now they want to see more. Align with brands that will strengthen your own, this way you can be sure the client maximises results to.

The joy with is you have the chance to politely say, actually this doesn’t fit my brand and likewise with clients and talent. It’s not personal, and the right job for you will come. In the meantime, keep doing you and rocking it!




  • Sat 18th Mar 2017