Need fast affordable social media assets? We've got you covered!

  • Thu 27th Oct 2016

When you own a brand, you know it’s all about the hustle… and all about the social media assets! We are all part of the content generation, where people have access to social media 24-7 and don’t want to be seeing the same thing twice! That’s why brands need to be syndicating content, on a daily basis. Yes, it does seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be when you post your job on You’d be surprised to know that you can get premium photographer’s without the premium price tag, and that you can get the assets from them fast (well, at least faster than an agency).

Our photographer Pietro delivers amazing social media assets for a social media start-up at a very affordable price! These are just 5 of the 60 he produced! Imagine what you could do with your product!

bond-211 bond-22 vinho-2 vinho-3 vinho-4

Client // Avenew Pty Ltd

Photographer // Pietro Lavra






  • Thu 27th Oct 2016