• Tue 10th Jan 2017


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As always, a new year brings with it new resolutions. We had a chat with our CEO and #girlboss Taryn Williams about the resolutions she’s set for herself this year. Take note of these ones, Taryn knows what she’s talking about!

  1. Disconnect to reconnect

After attending Summit at Sea and being trapped on a cruise ship for 4 days with no wifi or mobile reception, I was taught a huge lesson in the power of unplugging. Not only did I have more hours in the day (its amazing how easy it is to burn up a few hours firing off endless reactionary emails), but I also remembered the value of human connection. So for 2017 I’m going to have an tech blackout from 8pm each night, and on Sundays.

  1. To treat my personal relationships the way I would my best clients

I’m too often guilty of failing to return that phone call to a friend, or missing birthdays, or not checking in with my folks. It’s completely contradictory to my professional life, where I wouldn’t dream of treating a client this way. This year I’m going to focus on being a better partner, friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter, by scheduling in time for these people in the same way I would a client.

  1. Leave the office one day a week at 6.30pm.

I made this promise to my partner this year, and failed miserably! Running two companies means I do work long hours and weekends, and I’ll admit, I cant leave an email unread in my inbox when walking out the office door. I’m going to carve out one set night a week where I leave at 6.30pm, no matter what, and learn to be OK with that (control freak, anyone?).

  1. Get better at saying no

Another reason I don’t get to leave the office at 6.30pm! I’ve promised myself this year I am going to get better at saying no. And that doesn’t necessarily have to mean “No, I cant do that” but it can include “I cant fit in a 1hr face to face meeting, but why don’t we schedule at 15min phone call?”.

  1. Build a community you want to be a part of

I’m so incredibly grateful for so many things – my team, our talent, our clients, our investors, my mentor, the fabulous campaigns we get to work on, the events we get to attend.. but when you’ve had a tough day and are working through the night to hit a deadline, its easy to lose sight of that. Last year we worked on some amazing charity campaigns for incredible causes such as breast cancer research, domestic violence prevention, ending forced marriage, LGBT rights, and it really re-grounds you in just how good we have it. This year I want us to double the number of charity campaigns we work on, and help to build the type of community that I want to be a part of – one that is compassionate, kind, humble and hard working.


Thanks for the insight Taryn xx

  • Tue 10th Jan 2017