Scott Reynolds Fitness Series: Get Your Fit On!

  • Mon 21st Mar 2016


When it comes time to “get your fit on”, look no further than model, influencer and Personal Trainer Scott Reynolds. After completing his studies at the Australian College of Physical Education in 2013, he is now located in the heart of Sydney, specialising in hypoxic (Altitude) training called Peak Altitude Training. Altitude training enhances sporting or fitness performance, preparing anyone who is looking to acclimitise for a trek or holiday:


Scott has a very holistic approach to training with a focus on each aspect of his client’s lifestyle. Most clients have a hectic lifestyle and are very time poor. For this reason time management, goal setting and professionalism is the utmost importance.

Want to see more? Check out Scott’s exclusive Fitness Tutorials made for…

Fitness Tutorial #1: PUSH UPS!

Fitness Tutorial #2: THE PLANK!

Fitness Tutorial #3: THE CRUNCH!

Fitness Tutorial #4: THE LUNGE 1/2!

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To view more of his work or to book Scott for your next campaign, check out his profile here.

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  • Mon 21st Mar 2016