Sharing Personal Details? Why you might be getting this error message

  • Wed 7th Jun 2017

Our system will notify us (and you) if you try to share personal details before you are booked as well as when you are creating you profile with us.

Details you CANNOT share

  • Phone Number or any numerical digits which the system might pick up as linked to a phone number
  • Website: There is a specific section in your profile for you to add your website. Refrain from putting any full stops out of place or more than one full stop together (…) as the stystem will pick this up as attempting to share a website.
  • The @ symbol that is associated with your instagram: There is also a specific section for you to link your instagram. Anytime a client asks for either your website or instagram you can just direct them to your profile and they just need to click on which content they would like to view.
  • Bank Details: No bank details need to be shared with clients or anyone on the platform. When you apply for a paid job you will be prompted to fill in payment details. This will be the only time you ever need to put bank details anywhere.
  • Email: You cannot share your email in your bio or in any messages to clients. This includes typing out (dot com) which is also picked up by our system as sharing personal details.

We want to make it really clear that this isn’t a payment issue for US- it is a payment and safety issue for our talent who we work tirelessly to protect. has been set up to keep you safe, make the jobs flow seamlessly, ensure you get paid on time (within 48 hours) and help you to build your personal brand and rating.

When filling in your bio for your profile, you might be notified with an error message explaining you are are sharing personal details. We have compiled a list below of what constitutes as ‘sharing personal details’ and further, why it is important not to do this.

We’ve got your back. When the client presses ‘book’ they (along with you!) have locked into a legally binding contract. They HAVE to pay you- and we will always ensure this happens. It’s really simple- if you contact the client behind the scene, you could end up doing the work, never being paid, and having absolutely no rights to the work you’ve just done.

On top of that, we pay thousands of dollars a year to keep you safe with personal liability insurance on all jobs for for PRO members. A good example of when this would be useful is:

a. If you break or lose your personal belongings as a result of work on a job, you’re covered up to $5k

b. If you break something of the clients on set, or third party property, you’re covered up to $20million

c. If you get seriously injured on set, you’re covered up to $20million

* conditions apply. See the full details here:

Without this, you could end up in a very awkward, expensive dispute.

If you organise a shoot, cancel work (or miss other job opportunities) because you have locked in a job off the platform- you risk the job being cancelled on you last minute with no cancellation fee or reimbursement for your time.

We work hard to get you awesome gigs! 

Don’t risk all of this and your position with by sharing your personal information. If a client asks for your phone number or email address, PLEASE ask them to press the book button, and only share your personal information after you have been booked and confirmed.

We’re here when you need us, and if you ever have any questions call us 1300 956 199 or email [email protected]


Talent // Brianna P

  • Wed 7th Jun 2017