• Wed 14th Dec 2016

Styling – Daunting and Expensive. We want you to show you, it doesn’t have to be!

We all know that your first test shoot (or any test shoot for that matter) can be a bit daunting. We wanted to share some of the industries styling tips and tricks to help you nail it.

Topline shots you need from any portfolio shoot:

  • 2-3 strong, commercial headshots
  • Smiling, happy & natural shots (both headshots and lifestyle shots)
  • Full length body shot
  • Swimwear shot if you have the body for it

 Important things to consider:

  • Who is your target audience: If you want to be a fashion model, you need more fashion shots. More corporate brands need corporate shots.
  • Clients respond to models with multiple series of images. You will never book work off one shoot. You need to be actively completing shoots on an ongoing basis if you wish to pursue modelling as a career.
  • Advertise your images online: Credit theright.fit and the photographer. You never know who is watching!




– Wear a nude g-string & strapless bra to every shoot

If you are doing an underwear shoot, wear something not too sheer. If it’s just to go underneath your clothes, make sure it’s seamless and nude coloured. There’s nothing worse than bulging, bright red bra straps to take the focus away from the model or the awesome outfit they’re wearing!

Clothing items:

  • Pick plain colours that you know look good on you
  • No crazy patterns or prints; these make the images age quickly
  • Tight fitting clothing, suitable to your body shape

If you want to have a play around with something crazy, do so in a TFP shoot or with a friend. Simple, basic colours and clothing always shoot well. Think of the perfect white t-shirt. It works wonders!


  • Avoid wearing sunglasses or hats, they detract from your face
  • Subtle jewellery is key

The same goes for accessories. Less is more – don’t go overboard. Get involved in trends, but again, don’t detract from you or the outfit.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Quality of the clothing – this comes out in photos! Make sure everything is clean, ironed, unstained, neat and tidy! Make sure your shoes are clean!


  • Don’t go overboard on makeup – more natural, the better
  • Hair should be neat, or styled.

We also want to touch on showing your skin. There’s always a give and take with this as it’s important you don’t give away too much in your photos. Definitely show off your legs, but cover your chest unless it’s a lingerie or swimwear shoot.

Examples of makeup:

Evening/High Styling:                                                                                                 Natural Day Makeup:



Sports Shoots:

  • If you feel confident you are right for sports brands, get some sports style shots done
  • Simple is best: shots of running, stretching etc. Natural posed images are best. Have a look at some of the mainstream brands like Nike or Adidas to get a feel for what is trending right now.
  • Please no muscle builder type images – these will be turned away




  • Simple, edgy images will sell you the best
  • If you have a beard, please keep it groomed
  • Try to get at least a couple of smiling headshots

A simple go to is a White tee and leather jacket. As with the girls, your tee must be clean, ironed and stain free! Want something a little more formal? A suit is always a go to! A slim fitting, well tailored suit creates the perfect image! If you want to relax the suit a little, throw a sweater over your shirt and wear a nice tailored pant. Go one step further into casual, and throw a bomber jacket over a plain tee and a pair of jeans (make sure your jeans aren’t too tight or too baggy. Stores like General Pants offer a great fitting service if you need).



  • We need to see a variety of poses & looks in order to represent you the best way possible
  • Avoid raunchy looks – not many people can pull it off successfully. We also don’t have the client range for those kinds of looks
  • Have 5 brands in mind when you shoot these images. Who do you suit? and who do we already work with?
  • Have a look at the other models on our books for ideas

Another note we want to touch on is variety. Test shoots are for you to build your portfolio – to gain a range of looks that we can use to market you. So make sure you do just that – take along a bunch of looks. Don’t take the same t-shirt in 10 different colours. Get formal shots, relaxed shots, sporty shots, beach shots. Every photographer will give you the chance to shoot a range of looks, so make sure you take along enough options to make this happen.

Most importantly, try on all the outfits prior to the shoot and make sure you feel CONFIDENT. This is the one thing that is going to come out the most in your photo shoot. You can be wearing a latest season Chanel dress or suit, but without confidence in yourself, it won’t shoot well. Learn what works for you – facial expressions, body shapes, different positions. Knowing this is priceless and we can guarantee, it will show!


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – learn your best angles in the mirror & by getting as many shoots done as possible. You will never develop as a model if you don’t and therefore will never get booked.

 Don’t forget! If you want to book a hair and makeup artist, or a stylist to maximise your shoot, you can do that at theright.fit!

  • Wed 14th Dec 2016