Tips on how to juggle your two full time jobs - Mandy Arisa

  • Mon 30th Jan 2017

Often for models, bloggers or influencers who are just starting out it is extremely difficult to be doing this full time (or at least as your day job I mean). Let’s be honest – when we start out it either starts out as a hobby or we aim for it to be a full time job but until the money starts rolling in we tend to be juggling two full time jobs. Our day job during the week (for me this is a job in Finance) and our job as a model/blogger/influencer (which tends to fit in at any other time we have free outside of our day job).

This can often be really difficult to juggle so I’m here to give you some tips on how to juggle these two full time jobs.

1. Keep a planner handy

I cannot tell you how important this is! Planners are lifesavers because they keep you in check when it comes to your modelling/blogging/influencer gigs. Often you have an overwhelming number of jobs and it’s hard to keep a track of when each and every job is. This is why keeping yourself organised using a planner will help keep your life stress free and well planned.

2. Target the right brands that fit with your personal branding

Juggling two full time jobs means that time is very important to you. When we start out it is often tempting to accept every single job that comes our way but we must not forget that this is our branding too. Just like how companies pick and choose which model/blogger/influencer fits in with their brand, we, should also be analysing whether the brand will fit in with our personal branding. Targeting the right brands will also save you on time and effort that you spend creating content. Picking and choosing means you get more free time for yourself. Make sure you have a complete profile on that encapsulates the image you want to portray and the brands you want to work with.

3. Don’t be too demanding

After you’ve had some experience and gotten a grip on being a model/blogger/influencer it is important to know your worth. Although you may now be at a level where you can charge very high rates for what you do it is important to realise that it should be mutually beneficial for both the brand and yourself. If for example you are offered free stay at a 5 star hotel in Fiji (all theoretical by the way) and you happen to already have a trip planned to Fiji, however, the company offering this is not offering any monetary compensation. Considering that you are in need of accommodation anyway I would say this is a mutually beneficial agreement. Instead of turning down an offer like this (meaning that you would have to then pay for your own accommodation) it is beneficial for you to accept this.

4. Plan ahead

When you’re juggling two jobs like this it is often important to give your day job a good amount of notice for any annual leave that you may need to take off. Of course it helps if you have an easy going manager but generally the more notice you give work the better.

5. Be proactive

To grow your branding it is important to know that you will not always have brands reaching out to you first. If you do get a brand reach out that is amazing but if you know you want to work with a brand (and they have not found you yet) why not reach out to them via email with a link to your profile? The chances of them seeing your profile after you’ve reached out to them proactively are much higher.

Hopefully those 5 tips helped many of you who are in the same boat as myself.

Mandy Arisa


Talent // Mandy Arisa

  • Mon 30th Jan 2017