Tips on how to present at a model casting session?

  • Tue 13th Dec 2016

When heading out to the movies or dinner with friends you always think about what to wear. You want to look and feel your best and have often pre-planned the outfit in advance.

Attending a modelling casting is no different and it is vital you arrive looking completely professional and fit for the part.

One important factor to remember as a model is that it is your to recreate a situation or turn an article of clothing into an art form and make it desirable for consumers to want to purchase. So, simply being the most beautiful model that arrives at the casting will not always guarantee you win the work.

Therefore, it is essential that you have done your research and come prepared for the job. Ask your agent details about the client or campaign. Look online at their style of previous shoots or fashion shows and talk to your friends in the industry if they have ever worked for the client.

4 Tips on how to present at every casting

  • Simple and basic is best: If the brief does not require you to come in a particular style, then simple and basic is best. Some nice clean jeans and a plain white t-shirt with some smart heels and a small accessory will be enough to show the client that you are a blank canvas ready to transform into their next creation. Or if you have killer legs a simple skirt, heels and black tee.
  • Understated make-up: You need to come as a blank canvas so your client can see your potential. Simple and basic make up including light foundation, a little dab of mascara and some lip gloss is ok. Do not turn up as though you are all set for a performance with a full head of makeup.
  • Wear flattering clothing to your body shape: You need to appear very professional so ensure you find clothing that flatters your body shape and that works well for you. Do not attend in the latest fashion just because your favourite celebrity is wearing it.
  • Clothes need to be in immaculate condition: You should never turn up to a casting with jeans that have holes or stains; no matter how good you think they look on you. Ensure your shoes are polished and not scuffed and your top or dress has no markings or creases.

Remember you get one shot to make an impression at every casting and sometimes that one shot can be in a matter of minutes. So keep in the back of your mind the old saying “First Impressions Last”.



Model // Kate J

  • Tue 13th Dec 2016