Top 5 Tips For Being a Makeup Artist Across The Globe (and back!)

  • Wed 21st Sep 2016


As I settle into my third season on Ibiza, I realize it is all worth it… The packing, the moving, the storage units, the removal guys (and endless costs!), the constant looking for places to live and being unsettled.. Is worth every single piece of stress and anxiety! Most people find moving house in their top three most stressful, dreaded life experiences. I do it around five times a year.

But those turquoise blue waters, beaming consistent sun beams, the light of the people, the incredible villas with their dusty caminos  and more than anything: the love, freedom and infectious energy that is Ibiza just keeps me coming back. Anyone that has ever touched the ground on this pretty little island will understand why I travel across the globe from Sydney ALL THAT WAY to a teeny tiny vibrational house music mecca. It is addictive.

“…more than anything: the love, freedom and infectious energy that is Ibiza just keeps me coming back.”



My tips for the artist with itchy feet, are purely based on my experience thus far. As well as my gut. That is a huge factor in anything that makes you consider packing up your life and jumping into the unknown. Trust and go with that feeling, those butterflies, that fear.

If a place inspires you, connects with you and draws you in. Go there. And make the most of it.

Here are some tips for extending you and your own business overseas:

Tip 1:

Find out what you need in terms of legal documentation to be able to work. For example in Spain you are required to have an N.I.E number as well as a visa or EU passport. Luckily I was born in London so hold both AU and UK passports. Community Facebook Groups or Ex Pat websites can usually equip you with the info and contacts that you need to obtain these or other requirements.

Tip 2:

Research other artists or companies to see if anything strikes your interest. Do you want to work for companies that have a similar style to you, whether it be other hair and makeup artists or event planners, venues etc. Or do you want to do something completely different to expand your skill and experience and really do something outside of your comfort zone?

“Get in touch with those who inspire you and see if there may be an opportunity for you with them.”


Tip 3:

Be prepared for “no’s”. Most companies will already have their favourite artists to work with and most people do not like change. And that’s OK. Be sure to stay on their radar even if there is no room for you at this present time. Continue your search, because eventually the right person or place, will give you a “yes”. So also be prepared for that “yes” you will get plenty of them eventually. If you have been a makeup artist for longer than five minutes you will know it is a hustle. It is not easy. It doesn’t matter where you studied or how amazing your last shoot was. Extending yourself across the globe does not change this, it is just as hard! If not, harder!! But do not fear, there will always be an opportunity and it will be the perfect one for you at that time.

Tip 4:

Just go. Go to that place. People will not be interested in you until you have placed your feet on their soil. Imagine how many emails get thrown around every 5 minutes of artists “thinking about moving to….” “if I come, will there by opportunity for me?” Go knock on their door, it’s way more effective! They will be surprised and intrigued that you actually made it there. When you do finally make it to your magical place, make the most of it and stretch yourself. That is why you are there in the first place isn’t it? Learn. Learn from international artists, learn from the clients, watch, listen, look! Look at all the yummy kit goodness that may be around you with international teams and stores. Pick up new skills, or polish up those old ones you used at makeup school and not much since. It is way more rewarding trying something new, making a mistake and learning from it than just doing the same old thing. You left home for a reason right?

“When you do finally make it to your magical place, make the most of it and stretch yourself. That is why you are there in the first place isn’t it?”


Tip 5:

Have fun! It is not all about your career and work and success. Life is way too short to be only focusing on these things. Enjoy your chosen magical place and experience it. Explore! Make local friends that can show you hidden treasures or other ex pat community people that can educate you on your new home. I have a list on my phone of places on Ibiza that I want to visit, whether it be a secret beach or a yummy restaurant or a referred hippy masseuse. Make sure you tick as many of your wishlist off before you head home. Make it a working holiday if need be.

Your work will flow so much easier if you are happy in your surroundings. Go find your happy place, I have certainly found mine.

Words by Lianne Claire

Lianne Claire is a well-accomplished makeup artist and a hair stylist whose work has appeared in the pages of Vogue Italia, Shop Til You Drop, yen, Oyster, and mixmag magazines to name a few. With over a decade of international experience in both fashion and editorial worlds, as well as an obsession with finding the perfect red lipstick (current fave: benefit hydra smooth in dare me), Lianne is a true tour de force in the beauty industry.

To view more of her work or to book Lianne for your next campaign, check out her profile here.

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  • Wed 21st Sep 2016