Our Top 5 Tips To Get Your Profile To The Top Of The Search Results

  • Tue 6th Dec 2016

Getting your profile noticed is the single most important step and while there’s no single formula for success, we have a few tips and tricks to make sure you stand out from the crowd. It’s about being seen and being heard by potential clients so they can get you seen and heard by the world.

It’s a simple process – improve your profile, apply for jobs, put in the hard work, repeat.


Model // Jacquie B

1. Be your Brand

The most successful profiles are those that sell you as a brand. This starts by understanding the type of creative you want to be. The first thing to do is make sure all your portfolio pictures are showing you in the best light. A picture paints a thousand words so no matter how talented you are or how much you have to offer, poorly chosen portfolio pictures will consistently set you back. Choosing the right pictures will depend on your background. If you’re a make-up artist, then focus on your work rather than yourself. Show potential clients your range by adding pictures from shoots you’ve worked on. The same goes for photographers. Sell yourself by choosing pictures that showcase your diverse skill-set rather than focusing on one area of strength.

Remember, when a client reaches out to you for the first time they will be taking a leap of faith. The only thing they can base their choice on is the profile you show them so draw them in and earn their trust by filling out your profile portfolio images to cover all aspects of your experience and personality.

2. Update your pictures regularly

If you’re on our free package you’ll have 5 images to sell yourself to potential clients. For those who opt for the premium package you’ll have up to 100 images to really stand out and make the most of the constantly updated job listing.

3. Tell a Story

It’s a jungle out there team. With so many amazing creatives it can be hard to get noticed. Making your pictures match your bio is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Use your bio to let clients know who you are and what you stand for. Are you an award-winning make-up artist? A successful personal trainer turned model? An influencer who’s got a monster social media reach? You know how awesome you are but clients don’t. Yet. Talk yourself up and let your bio bring clients even further into your personal brand. Keep it sharp, to the point an free of grammatical errors.

4. Get high ratings

Clients have the option to rate you out of 5. It goes without saying, do a good job and you will be rewarded. Our algorithms are programmed to place profiles on the first few pages if they have a high star rating.

5. Give us a shoutout as you grow your social media

We use algorithms to boost people who are active on their social media accounts, so get sharing! Remember, we’re always listening out for mentions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The louder we hear you (through tagging us @theright.fit and #therightfit) the more likely we’ll give you a shout out in return. After all, if we don’t hear about you doing amazing things in the industry, we’ll just assume that you’re not doing anything!

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  • Tue 6th Dec 2016