Top tips to get started in the modelling industry

  • Tue 13th Dec 2016

Have you ever wondered how to become a model? Unfortunately modelling doesn’t always have a clear cut career path laid out for you unlike careers such as teaching or nursing and there is no certainty that you will ever get a job working as a model.

Before taking that leap of investing into your new career path with both your time and your money first ask yourself the reasons why you want to become a model? You must ensure you are doing this for the right reasons and that you are not driven purely by the lure of money and fame.

We want to be honest, modelling is HARD WORK! The top models make their job look easy and that is because they are absolute professionals however behind their rise to the top was years of networking, small paying jobs, not so glamorous working conditions and lots and lots of rejections.

So if becoming a model is something you are absolutely passionate about, we have laid out some of the basic steps that you can do to help you start your career as a model.

How to become a model

  1. Work out what type of model you want to be – catwalk, photographic, promotional, lifestyle.
  2. Be honest about your ‘look’ – some types of models need to have certain attributes. For example, if your desire it to be catwalk model and you are not at least 170cm tall, then you need to be realistic about your chances.
  3. Choose between an agency, being a freelance model or having a manager.
  4. Educate yourself – you are always learning as a model. You need to keep abreast of the latest trends, ensure you know how to do basic modelling such as how to walk the catwalk, posing for the camera and catwalk turns. Even if you have been chosen by an agency you still need to ensure you understand how to model.
  5. Enjoy yourself – Sometimes your time working as a model might only be a couple of years and others may enjoy a lifetime of success. The industry is tough but also fun, so enjoy your time, learn what you can and you will have great memories and friends forever.
  6. Become resilient – modelling is a tough, fierce and competitive industry. There are girls and guys lining up all over the world vying for very limited modelling jobs. Learn to be professional but also resilient during the times of rejection.

Working as a model can be a wonderful experience and career that can lead you to places and meet people all over the world. There is no time like the present. It’s time to get started and create your own chapter as a model.



Model // Caitlyn P

  • Tue 13th Dec 2016