Working Out Why You Work Out (I Do It On Holidays) by MAZ COMPTON

  • Sun 29th Jan 2017


I first discovered the good ol’ fitness holiday a few years ago when my options for a holiday were go it alone or don’t go at all. You can probably tell I’m not a sit and home and wonder ‘what would have happened if I did it?’ kind of person. So a solo holiday it was. This was my first venture into the world of working out on a holiday, albeit a gentle intro. There are many types of fitness holidays and I have done a lot of them! The initial Yoga and Surfing retreat where all meals included were sugar, wheat and meat free, and a group of inspiring women from all over the world ceremoniously aligned their spines, their chakras and surfed each day. The fitness element was light on, it was a chill heavy holiday with bonus exercise occasionally. My friend hosts, Ocean Soul in Bali that I highly recommend.

Next stop was Bootcamp in Thailand, Fresh Start Fitness, was all skill and no chill. Our intense fitness schedule was handed out when we arrived and my jaw hit the floor. We mountain biked, hiked, completed a temple stair challenge (of which I won), we were beep tested, military style trained, we played frisbee, we did kettle bell classes, Insanity workouts, and even aqua aerobics! You name it, we did it and I felt amazing after slugging it out for a week. We worked out for 6 hours most days, the rest was taken up with icing body parts, eating, massages and lots of sleep.

I’ve been trained at Unit 27 in Soi Ta-Iad, Phuket. I did one to two intense Crossfit style workouts each morning and then rode scooters and discovered secret beaches all afternoon. It was hardcore and I loved it. Each day on the timetable has a bunch of different classes and I tried as many of them as I could. It was sweaty, it was messy, gritty, tough and very rewarding. I’d never had a ice bath prior to this trip and I have to admit, I cried a tiny bit the first time I had one, my body just hurt, but I soon got used to it and after 90 mins of seating in out and throwing weights around and running myself into the ground, literally, I was keen as for an ice bath.

Now whenever I travel, I take my workouts with me. If I’m not on a fitness retreat I workout everyday that I am away. A lot of people tell me their worst nightmare is working out while they are on holiday, but my worst nightmare is that post holiday extra booty combined with those post holiday blues! This is a simple and effective way to sneak your exercise in between penning postcards, so that you can continue

I’m not a PT. I’m not a fitness freak, I just really enjoy feeling awesome, so here are a couple of my go-to workouts that I take on holidays with me along with a good book and a few bikinis.

The Workout of One Hundreds (100s)

Pick your fav (or your least fav) bodyweight exercise and do 100 of them. I usually do 5 x rounds of 20 reps and pick between 5-10 exercises (depending on your fitness level). You should aim to workout for 20-25 minutes without  rest if you can, that’ll get your heart rate up and you’ll be done for the day.

You can’t injure yourself doing body weight exercise, and you will feel it the next day. That being said, I always try o go for less ‘perfect form’ reps, than more ‘imperfect form’ reps, always present in my body about my form and always making sure I am not in pain. I alternate my workouts From Legs and Cardio to Arms and Abs.

Example 100s workout

  • 100 x burpess
  • 100 x mountain climbers
  • 100 x alternate jump lunges
  • 100 x prisoner squats
  • 100 x bent leg jack knife sit -ups
  • 100 x push ups
  • 100 x triceps dips
  • 100 x snap jumps
  • 100 x commandos.

It’ll get your moving, sweating, blood flowing and endorphins raging. If you need a rest, take three deep breaths and then keep going.


Every minute On The Minute (EMOM workout)

I try to do a 12 min EMOM

Choose three exercises, start the sequence of exercise on the minute, get through the reps and rest until the minute is up, don’t get through the reps, start over when the minute is up. You restart the sequence, every minute until the time is up.

  • 5 x burpess
  • 5 x push ups
  • 10 sits ups


  • 10 push ups
  • 40 mountain climbers
  • 5 jump squats

No rest. Just try to do 8-12 minutes.

I also recommend you just skip, for like 12 mins non-stop. A skipping rope talks up less room than your phone charger and you can use it anywhere. It’s also handy for stretching out your legs after those brutal prisoner squat/jump lunge combinations.

That will burn some serious holiday calories and you can do this anywhere, inside, outside, next to the pool or in your hotel room.

For a very long time I just worked out so that I didn’t get fat. Seriously, I just did it because Nike told me to and I happen to be relatively fit, however, my motivation was all wrong. ‘Not getting fat’ is a fear based motivation. I had to flip it in my own brain and find a positive reason to workout. Once you find this truth, it changes everything. And you won’t want to have a holiday from that.

Fitness for me now is all about taking care of myself, loving the skin I am in, and living a healthy and active life. It’s more about becoming the best version of me in each area of my life, than having an Instagrammable flat stomach. My goals are no longer a number on the scales, and being that magical yet impossible 50 kgs but rather a feeling of contentment and what I like to call the ‘inner shush’ The inner shush is when you aren’t internally yelling at yourself for not being perfect, but accepting your curves and edges and working towards loving what you’ve got.

Its all about balance, maintenance, consistency and commitment. Which is a daily choice. Even on holidays. So I get up, I do a workout, smash a peanut butter and coconut milk smoothie and get on with the holidaying.

Thank-you so much to the incredible Maz C for contributing this piece to our blog. LOVE her work


  • Sun 29th Jan 2017