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Averages paid to influencers by following size

Averages paid to influencers by following size

Do you know what influencers get paid? Or what other brands are paying compared to what you are offering or paying for your influencer posts?

Well, wonder no more!

We get lots of interesting data on jobs booked via marketplace. And we've compiled it into some handy averages on what influencers are being paid. Save this to your desktop for when you're quoting, or share with your clients to help them understand influencer costs.

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Rates really do vary from campaign to campaign, depending on the brand, the level of production required by the influencer, turn around time, the creative direction of the campaign and how much flexibility the influencer has, and if the job is a one off booking on ongoing relationship.

We hope this is helpful and gives you some insights into the rates per post when you're budgeting!

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