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Talent Pricing Guide & Industry Rates

Talent Pricing Guide & Industry Rates

Figuring out what to pay for talent is tough. So we’ve created a simple talent pricing guide that pulls back the industry curtain and helps you set your budget for your next project.

“What should I pay for this job?”

When it comes to booking talent on, that’s the million-dollar question (thankfully the answer is much cheaper than that). This question comes from seasoned veterans and first-time users on our platform, so we’ll answer it for you.

We understand the delicate balance between managing your budget and keeping talent rates fair, so we’ve rounded up all the info you need to find the right talent at the right prices.

What to charge for Models, Actors & Influencers

Each category of talent will come with different industry standards. With 17,000 talent on, there’s a price range to suit every campaign, shoot, and project. Use the table below for industry averages in your preferred creative field.

PLEASE NOTE: Rehearsals, fittings, and usage are not included in these rates

Industry Guide Rates: Influencers

  • Number of Instagram Followers: 3k to 20k / Average Rate Per Post: $75 to $300
  • Number of Instagram Followers: 20k to 100k / Average Rate Per Post: $300 to $600
  • Number of Instagram Followers: 100k to 250k / Average Rate Per Post: $550 to $800
  • Number of Instagram Followers: 250k to 500k / Average Rate Per Post: $800 to $1,200
  • Number of Instagram Followers: 500k+ / Average Rate Per Post: $1,200+
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Industry Guide Rates: Models, Actors & More

Talent Type: Model / Actor

  • Beginner: $95 (minimum hourly rate) or $700 (day rate)
  • Intermediate: $150 (standard hourly rate) or $1,200 (day rate)
  • Experienced: $250 (professional hourly rate) or $2,500+ (day rate)

Talent Type: Photographer / Videographer

  • Beginner: $150 (minimum hourly rate) or $800 (day rate)
  • Intermediate: $200 (standard hourly rate) or $1,600 (day rate)
  • Experienced: $1,000 (professional hourly rate) or $8,000+ (day rate)

Talent Type: Hair and Makeup Artists

  • Beginner: $150 (minimum hourly rate) or $800 (day rate)
  • Intermediate: $200 (standard hourly rate) or $1,200 (day rate)
  • Experienced: $350 (professional hourly rate) or $2,800+ (day rate)

*Day rates are typically 8 hours

Photo used in Talent Pricing Guide & Industry Rates blog tip: Thinking of booking talent at an hourly rate? Keep in mind  the industry minimum for bookings is 3 hours. 3 hour minimum bookings are standard, even if you require talent for less than 3 hours. You can discuss this with the talent when they apply for your job.

Need more budgeting help for your next project? Click here to learn how to determine rates for Models and Actors

OK, now you’ve set your budget for talent, it’s time to chat about usages. Usages can be confusing, so we’ve made the process simple and direct when you use

What is usage and how does it work?

When talent is booked on a campaign, they’re paid extra loading for the ‘use’ of their image. This is paid on top of their hourly rate. This extra cost is to compensate talent for their exposure - as talent can't work with competing brands for a 6-12 month period.

The higher the exposure (e.g. billboard or TV commercial) the higher the usage rate paid to talent. Other influences that determine usage include the length of time the images are used (e.g. 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years) and the number of countries the images are used in (e.g. Australia & New Zealand)

Need a refresher on usage? Click here to learn how usage and contracts work on

How are usages calculated?

Usages are calculated as a percentage of the fee paid to talent for their time on set. For example, if you book a model for a 6 hour shoot at $100 an hour, their shoot time fee is $600. They’ll then be paid a loading percentage of $600 for usage (see average loading percentages below). Usages are always applicable to Photographers, Models/Commercial Actors and Videographers.

Usage guide rates

(Usage: Average Cost)

  • Social Media/Website: 0%*
  • Print, Magazine, Brochures: 25%
  • In-Store Posters: 75% to 100%**
  • Outdoor/Billboard: 75% to 200%+
  • Digital/Online Advertising: 75% to 200%+
  • TV: 75% to 200%+

* Usage is included in the day rate
** Depending on number of stores

Please Note: Clients are not required to remove images from social media after an agreed usage time has run out, but they cannot repost or run ads with those images. Images must be removed from other forms of media after usage has expired.

And if you’re not sure where you’re going to use the finished images/video, you can shoot and decide later. When posting a job, select ‘I Don’t Know’ at the usage step and confirm the details with your talent at a later date.

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How to determine your usage requirements

Figuring out your usage is simple once you determine how long you need to use the images for and in which countries. Don't forget, you don't have to remove images from your social media at the end of the agreed time period, but you can't promote them or use them for ads.

When determining your usage requirements, it’s easy to think “I’ll need this content forever and I’ll need to use it in all countries'', but this is rarely necessary. The words “Perpetuity” and “Worldwide” come with hefty price tags, so knowing your intended usage keeps the talent top-quality, while you end up saving money while paying talent fairly.

Standard usage guidelines

Time: 12 months standard

You’re likely to be refreshing your marketing material every 3 to 6 months so it's unlikely you’ll be wanting to use those images after 12 months. If you’d like to extend your usage, additional years are typically 80%-100% of usage costs per year.

Territory: Australian usage standard

  • NZ usages: 50% to 80%
  • USA usage: 200% to 300%
  • UK usage: 150% to 250%
  • Other country usages: Calculated based on population and relation to Australia

Finding affordable talent is easy with marketplace empowers both sides of the industry where talent and clients can negotiate directly on a fair outcome for work delivered.

On each talent’s profile, you can see indicative hourly rates for their services, which helps you accurately set your budget. Don't forget, you have the ability to communicate directly with talent after they’ve applied for your job using’s secure, built-in chat feature to agree on the final costs.

Clear, transparent, and with no hefty agency fees - that’s how you get the best talent at the best rates.

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