1. Why Should I?

As a talent, it’s really important to be setting rates that are displayed on your profile. Each category you belong to (i.e. model, actor, influencer etc.) will come with your own unique set of qualifications that deserves to be addressed when it comes to rates.  

By setting your own rates, clients can see roughly what they should offer, so no one wastes anyone’s time. If your minimum rate as a model is $200/HR, you don’t want a client to offer you a full day job (8-hour shoot) for $200. Being upfront from the initial stages will make the whole process more streamlined for everyone involved.

Also, by setting your rates, the whole marketplace remains healthy as it helps educate clients to set fair rates and showcases that talent deserve to be paid properly.

Not to mention, there is no reason not to set your rates when there’s a function on theright.fit to leave notes. This is where you can clarify that your rates may depend on usage or on the nature of the job. Also, you can provide a general range of rates as well (i.e. $150-250 per hour). So, you won’t be locked down by the guideline that you provide!

For an example, see below:


        2. How do I set my rates?

If you need any help to set your rates, here is a helpful video guide on how to set your rates on your theright.fit profile:


        3. What should my rates be?

If you’re not fully across what your rates should be, have a look at our guide here:



For models/actors here is a guideline:


For influencers, here is a ballpark guide:


Also, here is a guide on the average rates paid for influencers on theright.fit:



Furthermore, there is also a theright.fit rates calculator:



        4. Conclusion

In terms of rates, do your research and figure out what your rates should be based on your category, engagement rate, follower rate and other factors (i.e. do you take your content on your iphone or with a professional photography set up?).

Then, ensure your theright.fit platform has your rates displayed.  You owe it to yourself to be paid fairly.

Good luck!