As a talent on our platform, you may seen jobs posted for a content creator and wonder ‘What’s the difference between this and an influencer brief?”

So we popped this blog together for you to explain the difference in what a client is looking for when they post these two different types of jobs.

A content creator is someone that a brand engages to produce content on their behalf. This means the creator is a professional photographer/videographer with their own equipment, who also manages the styling, editing, retouching, etc. If there is a talent required in the photos, this is also the content creator! They are a ‘one stop shop’ who do the creative director, act as the talent, manage the props, styling, and overall execution.

Not all influencers are content creators, and vice versa. A content creator may, or may not have a high number of followers.

If you’re an influencer who predominantly creates images on an iphone, and is not engaged to create banks of images for a brand (not to post on social) and are not a professional photo/video creator and editor, then this isn’t the right spot for you.  The right section for you to be listed in is the influencer section. If you are an influencer who hires a photographer or videographer to shoot your content, and your content is all different styles, again, this is great you are an influencer 🙂 But not a content creator.

If you are a photographer, who hires models and stylists when they shoot content, then you’re best listed in the professional photographers category.

A content creator has a specific style or aesthetic they are well known for. Perhaps its creating incredible flat lays. Perhaps its for a whimsical beachy fashion style. With a content creator, if you see one of their images, you’d know it was from them, even without being told! Their work is unique and identifiable. It has a clear look, and feel, and visual style.

To check out who our clients are looking for when they say ‘content creators’, view:













If you want to apply to be listed in the content creator section, please check off this list first:

  • 10 or more photos on your profile
  • Bio that lists your experience in creating content and for which brands
  • Bio that lists the equipment you use 
  • Review from a brand that you have created content for in the past (if you haven’t booked a content creator job via our site, you can use ‘request review’ feature to source this from a past client)
  • Have I read the above and confirmed I am not best suited to the influencer, model or photographer category?
  • Does my work have a specific unique identifiable style?

If you meet all of those requirements and would like to be listed, please email [email protected] so our team can help!